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1.000.004 was an update released for Helldivers 2.

🛠️ PATCH 1.000.004 (PC & PS5) ⚙️

Note from Developer:

Hey everyone,

Okay, we have another build for PC. Since we launched, we've worked hard at solving some persistent crashes and bugs, especially the matchmaking issues you've likely seen and felt by now. In this new build, we've managed to improve the matchmaking success rate further, but unfortunately, it's not all the way there yet. The full solution might take additional days of work before it's fully functional. By the way, we have noticed that it works best if you join an active game by searching on planets rather than triggering Quickplay.

In this build, we've also addressed three other crashes. Please refer to the patch notes for more info on that. Additionally, Sagar had mentioned earlier that we hoped to send you a PlayStation patch today, but it's proving to take a little longer than expected.

Thank you for your patience. While we're getting this out as soon as we can, the thing that keeps us going is seeing all your awesome videos, stories, and reactions online. They're as good as Element-710 at fueling our brains over here!

— Micke

🌍 Overview
For this patch, our major areas of focus were

  • Resolving crashes.
  • Improving matchmaking functionality.

🔧 Fixes The following issues have been fixed for this version.

  • Resolved crashes when pressing ESC to open the menu, or O to open the social tab.
  • Game no longer crashes after matchmaking.
  • General improvements to matchmaking.
  • Resolved crashes after interacting with the Armory before their first dive.
  • Solved crash-to-desktop when equipping the MP-98 Knight.

🧠 Known Issues
These are issues that were either introduced by this patch and are being worked on, or are from a previous version and have not yet been fixed.

  • Players may still experience some instability while matchmaking. It may work better if you attempt to join an active lobby on a planet.