ARC-12 Blitzer

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This shotgun blasts a wide burst of high-voltage electricity that arcs between all units—enemy or otherwise—within range.

— Armory Description

The ARC-12 Blitzer is an energy-based shotgun that fires arcs of electricity instead of buckshot.

Detailed Weapon Statistics

ARC-12 Blitzer
Fire Rate 45 rpm
Recoil 60
Arc Shotgun Arc x 5
Arc Shotgun
Arc Range 25 m
Arc Velocity 300 m/s
Arc Aim Angle 10 °
Element Arc
Standard 50
vs. Durable 35
Direct Armor AP3 Icon.png Medium I
Slight Angle Armor AP3 Icon.png Medium I
Large Angle Armor AP3 Icon.png Medium I
Extreme Angle Armor AP0 Icon.png Unarmored
Special Effects
Demolition Force 10
Stagger Force 30
Push Force 25

Tactical Information

  • The Blitzer is currently unique in that it's the only primary slot weapon to have truly infinite ammo. If combined with other energy based weapons, the wielder will rarely have to worry about their ammo supply.
  • Like its original incarnation, the ARC-12 has a very short effective range and it doesn't chain like other tesla/arc weapons. It makes up for this by being quite powerful (even being capable of one shotting Brood Commanders or Stalkers if all the bolts connect with their heads) whilst its medium armor penetration allows it to ignore most infantry-class armor, and it reliably staggers enemies like Devastators at a rate that allows them to be stun-locked. Unlike its original incarnation (and the ARC-3 Arc Thrower), it has no charge up time prior to shooting (though it must be pumped after every shot), and is a primary weapon rather than a support weapon.
  • Though the ARC-12 ignores most armour, it can still be foiled by certain defenses; the heavy arm shield of Heavy Devastators and the main plate of Scout Striders can often absorb Blitzer shocks entirely.
  • Care should be taken when facing enemies like Heavy Devastators, as the Blitzer's short range and distinct pump/cycle time leaves little room for error; one wrong move (accidentally hitting the Heavy's shield, for instance) will result in a quick death for the wielder unless they are very lucky.
  • As with the standard Arc Thrower, the Blitzer can sometimes prematurely ground itself into obstacles between the desired target and the user, such as corpses or other static objects.

Known Issues

  • When pressing the reload key, the Blitzer will cause Helldivers to use "Out of Ammo" voicelines.

Change History




  • Increased shots per minute from 30 to 45.
  • Now placed in the energy weapons category.



  • Game no longer freezes when firing arcs from the Arc Shotgun.



  • Shots now count towards "Shots fired" and "Shots hit" stats.