Activate E-710 Pumps

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The extractors over this massive repository of E-710 have ceased functioning and must be re-activated.

— Mission Briefing

Activate E-710 Pumps is a Mission Objective in Helldivers 2. The target structure contains Explosive Barrels, Ammo Boxes, Samples, SEAF Communications Device, and Vending Machines.

Objective Steps

Activate E-710 Pumps

  • Activate terminal
    • Helldivers must interact with the terminal
  • Log in to terminal
    • Helldivers must interact with the terminal if not already, and input the 7 direction code shown on the screen
  • Redirect E-710 to Transfer Station
    • Helldivers must interact with the terminal if not already, and use the direction buttons to move pipes in a pipe puzzle until E-710 Outflow connects with Transfer Station instead of Local Storage, and then wait 2 seconds.
  • Turn all valves indicated by the terminal
    • Helldivers must interact with all 3 valves scattered across the entire structure
      • There's one valve ahead of the terminal (1A), one directly right to the terminal (2B), and one diagonally (up&right) to the terminal (1B). 2A is the location of the terminal
      • If a valve is gunked up, it needs to be shot free first
      • Helldivers must interact with the valve, then hold the right direction until the Helldiver has spun the valve counter clockwise twice, and it emits a green light
        • Spinning it clockwise twice until it emits a red light closes the valve instead
  • Use terminal to reactivate pumps
    • Helldivers must go back to the terminal, interact with it, and then use the up direction to complete this step
  • E-710 pumps activating
    • Helldivers must wait for the entire 10 seconds it takes to complete this step
  • Reward: Requisition Slip.svg 500 Requisition and XP.png 100 Experience


  • Helldivers trying to free a valve from Terminid influence should stand clear, else they will be violently flung into the air.

Maps At Each Difficulty


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