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Shamelessly copied from Super Earth tank designs, the Automaton Tank is clearly inferior in such a multitude of aspects that it would be impractical to list them here.

— Helldivers 2 PlayStation Store Page

The Tank is a very large, heavily-armored Automaton vehicle that first appears on Medium difficulty with a low spawning chance, scaling up in frequency the higher the difficulty. It may also spawn on specific medium-to-large Automaton Outpost layouts even if it cannot spawn as part of regular patrols on that difficulty level.

The Tank comes in two variants, sporting different weapons and strategies required to engage them.

  • Annihilator - Equipped with a Heavy Cannon identical to the Cannon Turret, a coaxial Fusion Repeater, and hull-mounted Fusion Repeaters. Turret rotates rather slowly.
  • Shredder - Equipped with a quad fusion autocannon turret, similar to the Anti-Air Emplacement. Has a much higher turret rotational speed.


  • The Tank has a 360° field of view and will fire continuously, so if any Helldiver wants to get close to it, they will need to use cover as much as possible. The cannon-armed tank has a hull-mounted machine gun that only fires in a forward arc, so it is recommended to avoid the front of its hull; the turret (armed with the main cannon and a coaxial laser machine gun) can rotate in any direction, but is slow to do so. Without support and in rough terrain, Annihilator tanks are easy prey for smart Helldivers. Shredder tanks have a much faster turret rotation however, and are much more dangerous as a result.
  • The Annihilator Tank has two weak points: The vents on the rear of the turret, and weaker armor on the rear of the hull.
    • The Shredder Tank's turret is much more lightly armored than the Annihilator Tank's: everything behind the turret's frontal shield is just as vulnerable as an Annihilator Tank's rear vent is.
  • In order to defeat an Annihilator Tank, shoot the vents on the rear of its turret with medium armor piercing weapons (aim anywhere behind the turret's shield if its a Shredder Tank). Aternatively, deploy Stratagems such as the Eagle 500kg Bomb or Orbital Railcannon Strike.
  • The top armor of the vehicle's turret has thinner armor and thus is more susceptible to rockets or grenades.
    • Two grenades will do the trick to the side and rear of the turret.
    • Impact grenades are quicker to explode and are recommended.
    • Eagle 110mm Rocket Pods are markedly effective as they will almost always strike the large, slow, Tank directly from above, dealing very high damage for the call-in and cooldown time.
  • Recommended stratagems to use to dispatch Tanks are Eagle Airstrikes, Eagle 500kg Bomb the Orbital Precision Strike, Orbital Railcannon Strike or Orbital Laser. Orbital Walking, 120mm & 380mm HE Barrages also work to dispatch tanks.
  • A Tank cannot harm you if you climb on top of its turret. Beware its tracks however, as they will cause severe damage on direct contact.
    • Attempting to climb on top of a Shredder Tank is ill-advised, as the significantly higher turning speed of its turret allows it to easily rotate to target you.
  • A destroyed Tank is a convenient defense position that a Helldiver could utilize.
    • Once destroyed, there is a short delay before the tank explodes. Ensure that the tank has exploded before you use it as cover, as the explosion can damage and knock back a Helldiver.
  • The Tank can be immobilised by destroying its tracks. This can be done with medium armor piercing Support Weapons such as the AC-8 Autocannon and APW-1 Anti-Materiel Rifle.


  • The Annihilator Tank resembles a downsized Baneblade super heavy tank from Warhammer 40,000, while its main gun seems to be based off of the Shadowsword's design.
  • Its turret bears a resemblance to the Challenger 2 main battle tank.
  • The coaxial machine gun on the Annihilator Tank's turret appears as a "Fusion Repeater" when pinged.

Change History




  • The Tank armor value on the front has been lowered to be the same as the non-vent sections on the rear of the tank. The intent was initially that it was supposed to be more armored in the front, but the visual language did not show that.
  • The vents on the back of the Tanks turret will now check for explosion directions correctly.



  • Fix for crash which could occur when destroying automaton tanks.


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