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Supply boxes containing ammunition, with a backpack that allows the user to distribute boxes to fellow Helldivers.

— Ship Management Terminal

The B-1 Supply Pack allows players to carry supplies to supplement yourself or the team's ammunition, grenades and stims on the go without having to rely on the Resupply stratagem.


  • Call-in Time: 5 seconds (9 seconds in-game)
  • Uses: Unlimited
  • Cooldown Time: 480 Seconds (8 Minutes)
  • Supply Boxes: 4


When called in, the Supply Pack arrives fully stocked with four resupply boxes. Each of these functions the same as a resupply box from the Resupply stratagem, though it cannot provide the benefit of the Superior Packing Methodology ship module upgrade. Pressing the "Interact" button on a teammate (PC default press E, Playstation default press X) will resupply their ammunition, stims and grenades in the same fashion. The Supply Pack can also be used by its wearer to resupply their own stocks, this is done by pressing the "Use Backpack Function" button (PC default press 5, PlayStation default press D-Pad Down).

The Supply Pack can only be refilled by picking up a supply box from the Resupply stratagem. One Resupply box will refill one box on the Supply Pack, regardless of whether or not the Superior Packing Methodology upgrade has been unlocked. Stray Ammo Boxes, Grenade Cases and Stim Crates found within a mission cannot refill the Supply Pack. Refilling the Supply Pack will also refill the wearer's other supplies as normal.

Tactical Information

  • The number of supply boxes carried in the Supply Pack are plainly visible on the wearer's back. This makes it easy to visually keep track of how many spare supplies are on hand.
  • It is most supply-efficient to carry supply-hungry equipment alongside the Supply Pack, such as the Engineering Kit or Med Kit Armor Passives, or the GP-31 Grenade Pistol. This way, refilling the Supply Pack from a Resupply will also refill any consumed Stims, Grenades and Grenade Pistol ammunition.
  • Keep track of your team's supply situation to see when they need a resupply.
    • When their supply icon in the lower-left corner of the HUD is flashing red, it means they are low in that category. If it is solid red, they are fully depleted. However, be aware that the backpack icon status may be misleading in the case of backpacks like the SH-32 Shield Generator Pack and Lift-850 Jump Pack, which do not require ammunition.
    • You can also visually see how much reserve ammunition certain support weapons like the FAF-14 Spear or AC-8 Autocannon have by looking at their backpacks.
  • Be strategic about calling in a Resupply and picking up supply boxes, keeping teammates' needs in mind.
    • As with normally calling down Resupply hellpods, it is ideal to do so when it is off cooldown and the team is not in immediate combat. This not only allows teammates to refill their supplies before engaging enemies, but also tops up the Supply Pack. Effective communication is key.
    • Because a supply box refills your supplies while also adding a box to the Supply Pack, it is doubly efficient to pick up a Resupply box to refill your own supplies and then directly resupply teammates. However, be aware of whether or not Superior Packing Methodology has been unlocked, as this can refill teammates' support weapon ammunition more efficiently than you.
    • After the team is finished resupplying, pick up the remaining supply boxes from the Resupply hellpod to max out your Supply Pack. It is better to carry supplies with a team member in a known location, than to leave the boxes strewn around where they may never be found or used again.
  • If a team's supplies are low and the Supply Pack stratagem is off cooldown, it can be useful to call down another Supply Pack in a pinch. Refill everyone's supplies and then replace the depleted Supply Pack with a fresh one. However, keep in mind that the cooldown time for the Supply Pack is significantly longer than that for a Resupply, so this should only be done in emergencies.

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Tutorial Video Demonstrating Use of the B1- Supply Pack