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A primitive actualization of barbarity, the Berserker has CPUs in each chainsaw that are programmed to solve one problem: closing the space between saw and target as quickly as possible.

— Helldivers 2 PlayStation Store Page

The Berserker is a melee-centric Automaton Enemy in Helldivers 2

Tactical Information

  • Berserkers can be identified by the two chainsaws in their arms, and their brightly glowing heads and torsos. Also by the hellish screeching they emit as they march towards you.
  • They're reliant on melee attacks, and move slow enough to run from, but they do tend to group up and arrive in groups of three or more, especially on higher difficulties.
  • Their weak spots are their glowing head and stomach areas. Shooting their stomach will eventually cut them in half, and is usually a faster way to tell them than going for headshots, since their head moves around a lot. In general, Berserkers are surprisingly resilient for their size and lack of armour, and as such are difficult to kill quickly with small-arms fire - whilst their lightly armoured nature makes them highly resilient to dedicated anti-armour weapons. Unless equipped with the means to quickly destroy them (such as certain Stratagems or a surplus of grenades) it is often better to distract and evade a crowd of them and focus on more immediately dangerous enemies such as Devastators and Hulks.
  • Grenades are somewhat effective against Berserkers, but you'll generally need two to finish off a group of them.
  • Similarly to grenades, the Autocannon and Grenade Launcher are likely to need two or even three hits to kill a Berserker, but the tendency of Berserkers to clump up and the small but powerful area explosion of both of these weapons means that when one Berserker goes down several around it likely will as well.
  • The high stagger power of the SG-8 Punisher can give you a lot of breathing room when engaging Berserkers, as it is one of the few weapons with enough raw power to reliably 'flinch' them hard enough that they stop moving for a couple of seconds.
  • Rapid-fire weapons like the MG-43 Machine Gun and M-105 Stalwart are also reasonably effective at sawing several of them in half in succession; the Stalwart's high rate of fire, capacity, and ability to reload on the move all make it a reasonably effective weapon against them.
  • The SG-22 Bushwhacker, when set to triple-shot mode, can instantly kill a Berserker with a roughly center-mass hit.
  • Maintain distance to avoid melee attacks.


Berserker Part Details
Part Name Health* AV** Location Front Location Side Durable %To Main*** Bleed Fatal
1000 Armor AV0 Icon.png Berserker Front.png Berserker Side.png 0% - - Yes
Head 150 Armor AV1 Icon.png Berserker Head.png Berserker Head Side.png 0% 100% None Yes
Chest Main Armor AV1 Icon.png Berserker Chest.png Berserker Chest Side.png 40% 100% None Yes
Boss Main Armor AV0 Icon.png Berserker Boss.png Berserker Boss Side.png 0% 100% None Yes
Pelvis Main Armor AV1 Icon.png Berserker Boss.png Berserker Boss Side.png 0% 100% None Yes
Shoulders 180 Armor AV1 Icon.png Berserker Shoulders.png Berserker Shoulders Side.png 0% 0% None No
Arms 300 Armor AV0 Icon.png Berserker Arms.png Berserker Arms Side.png 0% 30% None No
Legs Main Armor AV1 Icon.png Berserker Legs.png Berserker Legs Side.png 0% 100% None Yes
* Parts with their HP listed as "Main" do not have their own individual health. All damage dealt to these parts is dealt to the enemy's Main damage pool.
** Refer to armor values as defined in Damage.
*** The percentage of damage that applied to the enemies Main damage pool. At 0 HP, the enemy dies.
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