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The Bunker, also known as Vault, Friendship Door, or Double Door, is a small human structure, which can be found during missions. While it has Supplies all around and within it, it's also a Special Loot Container, having space for 3 Special Loot units. To gain access to the inside, two Helldivers must coordinate to push a button at the same time.

Minor Place of Interest

Unlike other variations of other points of interest, this one will always have the Special Loot in all its variations.

Bunker Variations
Variation Image Contents Notes
Underground 1 Bunker POI belowGround1.png
  • Supplies
  • Special Loot
Underground 2 Bunker POI belowGround2.png
Above ground 1 Bunker POI aboveGround1.png


  • Helldivers can ping Supplies through the door.
    • Special loot does not generate until the door is opened, thus can't be pinged through the door.