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The Democracy Officer is an NPC in Helldivers 2 that can be found on the Super Destroyer, standing next to the Galactic War table. He is responsible for conducting tactical support for the Helldivers during their operations. As part of the Ministry of Truth, he also provides words of encouragement to prevent un-democratic thoughts from taking root in the Helldivers.

Voice Lines

Trigger Voice Line Audio
Be idle near him Greetings, Helldiver. The Galactic War awaits.
Helldiver. The Super Destroyer is ready for your next mission.
Helldiver. Take command of the galaxy's liberation.
The Galactic War waits for no one. Are you ready, Helldiver?
Innocents perish with every second, we must act.
Managed Democracy calls for aid. Only you can answer, Helldiver.
Your fellow Helldivers rage against the enemy's Tyranny. Join them.
The siege upon Managed Democracy continues. Let us rally to her defense.
The hour of our next victory rapidly approaches. Let us cleanse the galaxy of alien scum.
You're here. The galaxy awaits your salvation.
The bridge is yours, Helldiver. Take us to the fight.
Our enemies find the road to Super Earth a difficult path indeed.
Interact with him We must give no less than the entirety of our being in service to Freedom.
A true servant of Freedom keeps no companion, save Damsel Democracy herself.
Managed Democracy is a watchful shepherd, guiding the will of the people so they do not stray from safety.
Managed Democracy offers true Freedom. Freedom from the burden of choice.
The Terminids spent decades content on the E-710 farms. Now their most destructive instincts run rampant, to the detriment of all.
Each Ministry is a fundamental pillar upon which Managed Democracy rests.
Your sample collection is of great value to the Ministry of Science. Everything serves Liberty, in the end. Even our enemies.
The Helldivers receive their orders from the Ministry of Defense, and I mine from the Ministry of Truth. In this way, the hands of Liberty are intertwined.
I am but a conduit for the Ministry of Truth, which is itself but a conduit for Managed Democracy.
Lady Liberty's calls for aid haunt my dreams.
In the First Galactic War, we cast the Illuminate from our galaxy, and secured the half-human Cyborgs safely in the mines of Cyberstan. Our enemies in this war will do no better.
Interact with the Galactic War table The Galactic War. A battleground awaiting your heroic intervention.
Helldivers across the galaxy are fighting for every inch of territory. Where will you join them?
The freedom of the galaxy remains in jeopardy. Let us join the fight.
The Helldivers battle for freedom. Let us decide where to enter the fray.
Every sector in the galaxy must be purged of the alien menace.
Interact with the Galactic War table while a defense mission is available The struggle for Managed Democracy continues. We have no time to waste.
The enemy is attempting to seize one of our planets! We must join the defense.
The enemy has launched a surprise attack on one of our planets. It needs our aid.
The enemy has launched a cowardly attack against one of our planets. Will you defend it?
Be idle while using the Galactic War table Every mission brings us one step closer to the full democratization of the known universe.
Every moment we ruminate, another family is torn limb from limb. We must strike.
We cannot let the enemy any closer to Super Earth.
Highlight or idle on operation selection The planet cries out for liberation.
Choose an operation, and free this world from tyranny.
Select an operation This operation would strike a mighty blow against the enemy.
Resources for freedom's expansion.
A worthy choice.
Another step closer to a successful operation.
This operation will fuel liberty's future.
The operation proceeds smoothly.
Highlight the final mission in an operation One last step.
One mission more.
But a single triumph more, and the operation is complete.
Select a Terminid controlled planet You must drive the Terminids back from this world. Choose an operation and strike.
Look at this disgusting infestation. Deploy to the planet and expunge it.
The bugs seek to turn this planet into another gelatinous hive. Do not let them succeed.
Select an Automaton controlled planet The Automatons seek to convert this world into another factory of tyranny. You must stop them.
The bots terrorize this planet with their mechanized brutality. Dive to the surface and end them.
The bots have this world in an iron grip. Find an opening and break their hold
Select a new Operation after failing/abandoning the previous one This operation is no longer viable. We must redirect our attention.
The operation has failed. Let us not ruminate, but instead redouble our efforts.

Mission Voice Lines

Trigger Voice Line Audio
Exit the Hellpod for the first time Go now, and should you fall, remember this: Every day is a good day to die for Democracy.
This is it. This is the solemn duty for which you were born. Defend democracy - at any cost.
The fate of all humanity's children are in your hands. Do not let them fall.
Complete the main objective Freedom triumphs over tyranny once more. The extraction shuttle awaits your request.
Extract with completed main objective Democracy prevails once more.
Victory was never in doubt.
Liberty has seen you through.
Today you've carved another foothold in the long climb to Liberty.
You have maintained our way of life.
Fail to extract with completed main objective They gave their last breaths ensuring the Immortality of Managed Democracy.
Extract with uncompleted main objective You have escaped death, and earned us the opportunity to redeem this defeat.
Defeat is but the catalyst of its own rectification.
Return, refit, and redeploy to purge the stain of this failure with the peroxide of victory.
Fail to extract with uncompleted main objective Our heroes will be remembered, and their failure will be redressed.

Event Voice Lines

During certain Major Orders or in-game events, voice lines may be added to the Democracy Officer

Operation Valiant Enclosure

Trigger Voice Line Audio
Interact with him during the event Helldiver. Operation Valiant Enclosure has begun. Join your fellow Helldivers in containing the Terminid menace.
Welcome, Helldiver. Operation Valiant Enclosure has begun. With your aid, we shall drive the Terminids back into their galactic pen.
The aim of Operation Valiant Enclosure is the installation of a new interplanetary defense system, that will encircle and contain the Terminid menace.
Operation Valiant Enclosure is in crisis. Never before has your martial adjutancy been more urgently required.
We haven't a moment to waste. The Terminids are swarming beyond anything we've yet seen. Operation Valiant Enclosure is on the brink. You must hold the line, at any cost.
50 billion tons of Termicide, deployed indiscriminately across an entire planet. The genius of the TCS lies in its simplicity.
The Terminids seem to have swarmed in response to the Helldiver assault, much like a well-booted ant hill. And now that ant hill, shall face annihilation.
The path to the barrier planets is fully purged. Construction of the Terminid Control System can begin at last.
Agh. I can almost hear the death throes of the bugs, as the Termicide suffuses their trachea.
The TCS is prepared for final activation. Be prepared for heavy resistance. The Terminids swarm, it's almost as if they sense their impending destruction.
Be idle near him during the event, Automaton attack Helldiver. Dire news greets us. The Automatons have proved a greater threat to Democracy than anticipated. The Helldivers must now fight the Automatons and Terminids both. This, is why you were trained. We have no choice but to divert Helldivers from Operation Valiant Enclosure to contend with the rising Automaton threat.

Operation Swift Disassembly

Trigger Voice Line Audio
Interact with him during the event We have new orders, Helldiver. The time has come to rid ourselves of the Automaton irritant, once and for all.
For too long, we have allowed these upstart robots to harry our heels. Now, while the Termicide keeps the bugs at bay, we may at last expunge this animatronic nuisance.
Is there some yet-concealed architect of the Automatons? Or did they emerge of their own accord, from the primordial ooze of machine logic and binary code? When their factories lie in ruins, we shall find the answer.
Extract with completed main objective on Automaton-controlled planet during the event We march ever closer to the source of this unbearable metallic stink.
Soon we will unmask the true nature of our electronic adversary.

The Reclamation

Trigger Voice Line Audio
Interact with him during and after the event Cyberstan is a place with a long history of treachery. The stronghold of the Cyborgs, and later, their prison. Perhaps it is no accident that this world has become our target once again.
What Automatons we have faced thus far were but a component of their grand apparatus. A great invasion fleet has invaded the defenseless mining colony of Cyberstan in a craven attack, and now casts its shadow upon the rest of the Federation.
Super Earth shall not be intimidated by these self-actuated belligerents, no matter their number. Let us meet them head-on, reclaim our dominion, and avenge the memory of innocents lost.

Deactivate the Terminid Control System

Trigger Voice Line Audio
Interact with him during the event The Terminid spores darken the skies as I have never seen. Hold the line, Helldiver. Hold the line.
The Termicide has backfired, twisting the planet of Meridia into a Terminid Supercolony. An unforseeable, devastating outcome. We must act now, before even more planets fall.
We fight them, but we cannot forget that the Terminids are the ichor of Democracy itself.
When the undemocratic din of our enemies has at last been silenced, we shall finally perceive the unsullied peal of Democracy, reverberating evermore.
Interact with him after the event The lives of Humanity's present are a crumb; the lives of Humanity's future, a boundless loaf.
I only regret that I have but one ship's worth of lives to give to our cause.
The final absolution of xenocide is a mellifluous clarion guiding our path.
Our enemies forsook mercy long ago. Oblivion is all that awaits them now.
As the chain does not scrutinize the brevity of its links, neither does Liberty mourn the transience of a Helldiver's service.
The Terminids are a force to be harnessed, not a scourge to be cleansed. Liberty demands our temperance.
The torch of Freedom is passed hand to hand, from one thawed hero to the next.

Start of the Second Galactic War

Trigger Voice Line Audio
Be idle near him during the event Helldiver. A second Galactic War is upon us. The bugs and bots both menace Democracy's heart.
Interact with him during the event We are on the backfoot, as our society races to mobilize. Hold the planetary strongholds at all costs, lest this tide swell beyond all hope to turn.
Not since the First Galactic War has Managed Democracy been so imperiled. This is the crisis you were born to avert, Helldiver.
Extract with completed main objective during the event They die upon our barricades, whilst we rally our reserves.

Operation Enduring Peace

Trigger Voice Line Audio
Interact with him during the event Our greatest minds have have designed a weapon with the capability to destroy a planet. With it, you will cleanse the galaxy of the abominable hive that Meridia has become.
The destruction of a planet is a tragedy that cannot be undone. But our enemies leave us no choice.
You are to deploy the Dark Fluid-an Illuminate technology discovered at the end of the First Galactic War. This exotic material yet holds many mysteries. But for now, we will use it to secure Liberty's future.
After being forced to warp away from Meridia's implosion The crew was forced to initiate an emergency warp without your authorization, in order to protect Super Earth's investment in this vessel.
Warp to Meridia's black hole during the event Meridia is destroyed at last. The threat of the Terminids is vastly diminished...but we cannot rest. The Galactic War is far from over.
Exit the Hellpod for the first time on Meridia Do not fail, Helldiver. You carry our most awesome weapon. And our final hope.
Deploy the Dark Fluid. Collapse this hive into infinite nothingness.

Confirmed Names

  • Bellawala
  • Englund
  • Kelder
  • Kravchenko
  • Malmborg
  • McGregor
  • Moore
  • Susnjar
  • Wirz
  • Yousefi


  • The Democracy Officer is voiced by Ike Amadi.
  • The Democracy Officer has a chance to be generated with an eyepatch over his right eye.

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Known Bugs

  • After Deactivate TCS event and in a player's own Super Destroyer, the Democracy Officer appears to no longer have his standard interaction voice lines; he will only repeat Deactivate TCS interaction voice lines.
    • Interacting with him on another player's ship will circumvent this.