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Eagle aircraft within the super destroyers hangar in Helldivers 2
The Eagle in the Super Destroyer hangar
Disambig.svg This article is about Aerospace Assault Craft Series. For the NPC piloting it, see Eagle 1.

An Eagle never misses.

— Eagle Pilot

The Eagle

The Eagle is a aerospace assault craft featured in the Helldivers series. In the first game, the Eagle appears to be a rocket powered craft. In Helldivers 2, the plane appears to be twin-engine craft, similar to the A-10 Thunderbolt. The Eagle is deployed by Helldiver Command from the orbiting Super Destroyer that the player controls.

The Eagle is able to provide close air support for the Helldiver during missions, and can be equipped with a variety of armaments to suit each task. It can be equipped with cannons, rockets, and even bombs to facilitate the success of a mission. The Eagle is able to loiter above the mission airspace until it runs out of munitions and ordinance, having to then return to the Super Destroyer to rearm.

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