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After completing all main objectives, Extraction may be called in. It is the only method for exiting a mission alive. This process involves making your way to the Extraction Point and calling down an Extraction Shuttle.

Objective Steps

  • Extraction available.
    • Helldivers must be within 50m of the extraction beacon for the next step to appear.
  • Activate extraction terminal.
    • Helldivers must now activate the extraction terminal by interacting with it, then inputting the x direction long code.
  • Shuttle incoming. Defend extraction zone. [xx:xx]
    • During the deployment period (2 minutes or 3 minutes with the Operation Modifier), at least one Helldiver must stay in the perimeter at all times (50m radius around the blue beacon), else the arrival of the Extraction Shuttle will be aborted.
      • Helldivers have 20 seconds until Extraction is aborted to return within 50m of the Extraction Point.
    • If the Extraction Shuttle arrives but the Extraction Point is inaccessible due to enemies, the Extraction Shuttle will not land until the obstacles are cleared.
    • If the Extraction Shuttle arrives and at least one Helldiver is present at the Extraction Point, the Extraction Shuttle will begin descent and land, providing covering fire until it has landed.
      • Helldivers are advised to clear the landing area, else they will meet a swift end of Democratic origin.
      • It will stay there until a Helldiver enters or until the mission timer reaches 0. After which, a 20 second countdown will begin. Then the Extraction Shuttle with leave.
      • All Hellpods near the landing zone will retract upon the landing of the extraction shuttle. Helldivers are advised to use them before that happens if they need the contents.
    • If the Extraction Shuttle arrives and no Helldiver is present at the Extraction Point, the Extraction Shuttle will stay in the air and provide covering fire.
  • If the mission timer runs out, the Super Destroyer will leave low orbit and the Extraction Shuttle will automatically be called. No Helldivers must be present at the Extraction Point to prevent abortion.
    • After the Extraction Shuttle has landed, a 20 second countdown will begin. Then the Extraction Shuttle will leave.
  • Any Helldivers that fail to extract in time will be left behind. In gameplay terms; no player receives the Samples in the inventory of Helldivers who failed to extract.

Change History



  • Fixed the issue where the shuttle would clip through Bile Titans and terrain during landing sequences.


  • The extraction shuttle can no longer take damage preventing extraction.


  • Fixed Pelican-1 sometimes leaving immediately after any player gets onboard.


  • Fixed issue that allowed traitors to try to sabotage the extraction shuttle by deploying sentry stratagems below it.
  • Fixed issue where ion storms incorrectly prevented extraction beacon from deploying.