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An anti-tank homing missile which must lock onto its target before launch. Effective against large and armored enemies

— Ship Management Terminal

The FAF-14 Spear is a powerful man-portable anti-tank system support weapon designed to lock-on to and destroy certain structures and heavily-armored enemies. However, while it is highly effective against armor, it is unable to lock-on to most small-to-medium units, cannot clear enemy crowds, and the arc of the missile when fired, renders it useless in close range, and cannot lock onto enemy weak spots.

Stratagem Statistics

  • Call-in Time: 3 Seconds
  • Uses: Unlimited
  • Cooldown Time: 480 Seconds (8 Minutes)

Detailed Weapon Statistics

FAF-14 Spear
Cooldown 480 sec
Call-in Time 3 s
Capacity 1
Reload Time 5 s
Spare Rounds 3
Starting Rounds 3
Rounds from Supply 2
Rounds from Ammo Box 1
Missile Fire-and-Forget Projectile
Fire-and-Forget Missile Explosion
Missile Fire-and-Forget
Caliber 66 mm
Mass 350 g
Initial Velocity 70 m/s
Drag Factor 30%
Gravity Factor 100%
Lifetime 15 sec
Penetration Slowdown 25%
Standard 1000
vs. Durable 1000
Direct Armor AP8 Icon.png Heavy IV
Slight Angle Armor AP7 Icon.png Heavy III
Large Angle Armor AP6 Icon.png Heavy II
Extreme Angle Armor AP0 Icon.png Unarmored
Special Effects
Demolition Force 40
Stagger Force 50
Push Force 25
Fire-and-Forget Missile
Area of Effect
Inner Radius 1.5 m
Outer Radius 3 m
Shockwave Radius 6 m
Inner Radius 200
Outer Radius 199 - 0
Inner Radius Armor AP5 Icon.png Heavy I
Outer Radius Armor AP4 Icon.png Medium II
Shockwave Armor AP5 Icon.png Heavy I
AoE Effect
Demolition Force 30
Stagger Force 60
Push Force 70


Unlike other rocket launchers, the Spear is incapable of being dumb-fired. Rather, it requires the wielder to aim the weapon at a target and allow the seeker head to acquire a valid target within the reticle. While attempting to lock-on, the reticle will change from white to yellow, and a triangle will appear within the reticle to show target acquisition. As the Spear attempts to lock-on, the triangle will spin faster and get smaller. Upon successful lock, the entire reticle will change from yellow to green, at which point the missile may be fired. The missile will fly upwards for a second then travel down towards the locked on unit, striking it from an elevated angle.

If lock-on is not successful, the yellow triangle will reverse spinning and get larger again. This is to notify the wielder that the lock-on circumstances are not ideal, and they should try to relocate and try again.

Ammo boxes refill one missile, while supply boxes refill two.

Tactical Information

  • To effectively use the weapon, Helldivers must learn about the targeting system first: [1]
    • The Spear is only meant to lock-on to certain targets. It is unable to deal with most small or medium targets other than the Scout Strider. It is built to destroy heavy targets and vehicles and light structures as a secondary function.
    • Helldivers should keep a considerable distance (30m+) from the Spear's target and also try to aim from high elevation to maximize the chance to lock-on and hit.
    • The Spear's targeting module has a pre-programmed set of targets and will only lock on to those and only if it fully recognizes them. Clear line of sight of the complete target is mandatory. Obstacles such as smoke, poles, walls, fences etc. can cause lock-on to fail.
  • Because the missile flies upward before attempting to hit its target, it is inadvisable to attempt to use the Spear against ground targets that are too close such as aggroed Chargers or Hulks. Because its tracking angle cannot compensate for the high missile speed, shots that are fired from too close (despite a successful lock-on) may simply soar over the target and explode on the ground behind it.
    • The missile's ability to track its target allows crafty wielders to "curve" it by aiming to the left or right of their target prior to firing. This can allow the warhead to strike its target from varying angles in order to hit certain spots. The same can be done for aiming above or below, to hit targets face-on by negating the upward trajectory or increase the chances of hitting from above by giving it a higher launch angle.
  • Automaton missions offer many opportunities for the Spear to shine.
    • Hulks are most vulnerable when their heat sinks are targeted, though a strike to their visor will also destroy it in a single shot. As such, firing at a Hulk while it is directly facing the wielder or while its back is turned may yield optimal results.
    • Annihilator Tanks and Cannon Turrets can be taken down with one missile. As Cannon Turrets are highly elevated with little to no terrain to obscure them, they can be easily targeted from long distances and neutralized before they become a problem, though conversely their high elevation may also cause shots from low elevation to strike the spire rather than the turret, wasting the missile.
    • The Spear can be very handy against Gunships, as they are often silhouetted against the open sky with no obstructions. The Spear can destroy a Gunship with a single missile, making it extremely effective at suppressing Gunship Facilities from range and providing teammates with cover to plant a Hellbomb.
    • One of the most effective uses of the Spear is to lock-on to and destroy Automaton Fabricators. This allows Outposts to be quickly and safely destroyed without engaging any of the forces inside if a clear line of sight can be established against the Fabricators.
      • If there's a Fabricator next to a Stratagem Jammer or Detector Tower, the Spear can take care of both by destroying the Fabricator. The resulting explosion will also destroy the adjacent objective.
    • The cannon turret on top of Factory Striders can be locked-on to as its own target and be destroyed with a single missile. This can drastically reduce its ability to shoot from long range, though its chin-mounted machine guns will still be a problem.
  • Against Terminid targets, the Spear is capable of killing both Chargers and Bile Titans in a single shot.
    • Chargers are most vulnerable to shots that connect with its head, though a missile to its thorax will also kill it, sometimes after a short bleed out duration but also potentially instantly. As Chargers will approach the wielder at high speed if they are in combat, hitting its head is often only possible when catching the Charger unaware, as firing from too close may cause the missile to break the armor on its back instead or miss entirely.
    • Against Bile Titans, a shot to the head will kill it instantly. This is most feasible if the Bile Titan is facing the wielder, but is not too close so as to disrupt the lock-on. Should the Bile Titan not be facing the wielder, the missile may be blocked by its legs, or it may break the Bile Titan's back armor, allowing subsequent shots from small arms to finish it off.
    • The Spear is also capable of targeting and destroying Shrieker Nests and Spore Spewers, which can be extremely handy since they can be spotted from very long distances.
    • In a pinch, Bug Holes are also valid targets, in the event that no grenades or offensive stratagems are handy.

Targeting Options

The Spear is able to lock on to the following targets:

Affected by:

The following Ship Modules affect the FAF-14 Spear:

Department Ship Module Affect
Patriotic Administration Center Streamlined Request Process Reduces cooldown by 48 seconds


  • The weapon and how it operates appears to be inspired by the real world FGM-148 Javelin man-portable anti-tank system.
    • A javelin is a throwing spear, built lighter and with a smaller head, but in shape and ability to pierce armor is very similar to spears, hence the name.
  • Before patch 1.000.100, the weapon wasn't ammo efficient as ammo pickups in the world would not reload the backpack.


Tutorial Video Demonstrating Use of the FAF-14 Spear

Change History




  • Fixed crash while aiming with the FAF-14 Spear.



  • Fixed Spear not targeting several entities (spawners, compound objects, etc).



  • The Spear can no longer target Automaton Fabricators (unintentional).


  • Spear targeting reworked and should now function much better.



  • Added reload stage reload after the spent missile had been discarded


  • Explosive weapons no longer pull players inward from the blast.



  • Increased the number of missiles you restore from supply boxes from 1 to 2.



  • (Undocumented) Lootable ammo boxes now recover ammo for the weapon.[2]