FX-12 Shield Generator Relay

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A stationary energy shield which provides cover against projectiles. Has a limited lifetime once deployed.

— Ship Management Terminal

Calls down a stationary bubble shield for blocking incoming projectiles. Projectiles can be freely shot outwards from within the shield. Players and enemies can freely walk into or out of the bubble. The shield lasts for 30 seconds, but will fall temporarily after sustaining a set amount of damage.


FX-12 Shield Generator Relay
Main Health 450
Main Armor Armor AV1 Icon.png Light I
Shield Capacity 4000
Shield Regen 300 shield/s
Shield Regen Delay 5 s
Shield Broken Delay 8 s
Shield Radius 8 m
Cooldown 180 sec
Call-in Time 3 s
Fire Limit 30 s

The shield itself is not armored. The health and armor values are for the relay itself.

Tactical Information

Reinforce Stratagem Icon.png
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  • This Stratagem is especially effective against Automatons because most of them have/use projectile attacks.
  • The shield blocks friendly projectiles just as well as it blocks enemy projectiles. A player from outside the bubble cannot shoot through the bubble.
  • Be careful using explosive weapons near/in the shield; if you are outside the shield, your shots will explode on the shield and hurt yourself or your teammates.
    • Specifically, be careful about firing explosive weapons while walking backwards out from the shield.
  • Terminids are easily distracted by this Stratagem, they will prioritize destroying it first before attacking players. Note: enemies are able to walk through the barrier without issue.
  • When ramming the barrier Chargers will be briefly stunned.
  • Bile Titans can, if close enough to the shield, kill themselves when trying to spit to bile at the Relay. This is because their spit explodes on impact with the shield, and the explosion can deal severe damage to its head.
  • The Relay pairs well with Sentry Stratagems, giving them space to fire freely when up against heavy Automaton forces that would otherwise quickly destroy them.

Known Bugs

  • 1.000.300: The SG-8P Punisher Plasma cannot be used within the Shield Generator Relay. The projectile will explode upon leaving the barrel when under the effects of this utility.
    • 1.000.403: Firing the Punisher Plasma while within the Shield Generator no longer damages the Helldiver.

Relevant Ship Modules

The following Ship Modules affect the FX-12 Shield Generator Relay:

Department Ship Module Effect
Engineering Bay Synthetic Supplementation Reduces the cooldown from 90 to 81 seconds(1 minute, 21 seconds).
Rapid Launch System Removes the deployment time from the stratagem


Tutorial Video Demonstrating Use of the FX-12 Shield Generator Relay

Change History




  • Fixed the Plasma Punisher being unable to shoot out of the SH-32 Shield Generator Pack and the FX-12 Shield Generator.