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Fully upgraded to A/GL-8 Launcher Turret Mk3

The A/GL-8 Launcher Turret is the latest development in automated sentry technology. Launching the same rounds as the Obliterator, it has immense firepower and shoots over obstacles. Meant for fixed position defense, a variable firing range was not deemed necessary during development. The turret can discern friend from foe, but watch out for the blast radius.

— Armory Description

Stratagem Code

Players must enter the following sequence, using the controller d‑pad, in order to call down this Stratagem during a mission:
Arrow 2 L.pngArrow 1 D.pngArrow 4 U.pngArrow 3 R.pngArrow 3 R.pngArrow 1 D.png

Unlock Requirement

The A/GL-8 Launcher Turret is granted to the player as a reward for completing all the missions on its associated planet (typically a high level planet - difficulty 10 to 11).


Upgrade Cost Effect
HD1 Stratagem A GL-8 Launcher Turret mk1.png Mk1 Basic variant, no upgrades.
HD1 Stratagem A GL-8 Launcher Turret mk2.png Mk2 Research-point.png 3 Improves turn speed.
HD1 Stratagem A GL-8 Launcher Turret mk3.png Mk3 Research-point.png 4 The weapon now fires phosphorus grenades setting fire to anything they hit.

Detailed Statistics

For a detailed overview and comparison of the statlines for Helldivers, their equipment and all enemies, check the Detailed Statistics page.

Health Constitution Armor
Base Decay Base Decay Location Min Max
400 0 0 0 default 0 150

Gameplay Tips

  • Like the regular grenades every Helldiver carries, this turret is not capable of damaging Cyborg IFVs or destroying mission objectives.
  • With the Mk3 upgrade, Phosphorus Grenades, the A/GL-8 Launcher Turret's grenades will set fire to everything caught in their blast, dealing fire damage over time.
    • Most other incendiary weapons, such as the FLAM-40 Incinerator and fully-upgraded DBS-2 Double Freedom, cannot ignite armoured targets unless their weak spot is hit. The A/GL-8 does not have this limitation: only Cyborg IFVs are immune to being ignited by its phosphorus grenades.
  • The A/GL-8 is the only turret capable of hitting prone/downed Helldivers. Adjust your tactics accordingly.
  • The fixed range of the A/GL-8's indirect-fire weapon means that once an enemy gets very close to the turret, it will be free to attack with impunity.
  • If you can keep it from being sniped, this turret will make short work of nearly anything the Illuminates are able to throw at it.
  • Launcher Turrets will disappear after 120 seconds if not destroyed.



  • The 5.06 patch increased the amount of uses from 2 to 3.
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