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Helldiver Defenders are the unmovable objects of humanity, capable of holding their ground in any situation. They have a bulkier look and a helmet reminiscent of the knights of Old Earth and used to double as riot police before humanity unified properly.

  • The Defender Uniform: A cosmetic appearance option consisting of a helmet, body armor and cape.
  • CR-9 Suppressor: A semi-automatic rifle firing small fragmentation grenades. It is a volatile weapon but capable of devastating large masses of enemies, hence the nickname ‘Suppressor’.
  • AD-334 Guard Dog: A backpack drone system, featuring an automated defensive combat drone armed with a small submachine gun. The drone circles ahead, firing at targets of opportunity and will land in the backpack to reload.


  • The Defender Pack DLC was released on 17 March 2015 and is available to buy on its own (for $2.99) or as part of the Reinforcement Pack DLC bundle (for $5.99) which also includes the Commando Pack and Support Pack DLCs.
  • In-universe, another weapon that seems to be closely associated with Defender specialized Helldivers is, quite appropriately perhaps, the MP-98 Knight SMG.
  • The Heavy Armor perk is a good fit with a Defender type playstyle, both thematically and in terms of gameplay.