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For the statistics and results of every war, check the Galactic Campaign Records.
The War.png

"For Super Earth, for mankind, and for glory--that is why we fight. And of course, when we have won this war, there will be another to fight, and after that - another! After that? Another! I could go on, but you get my point - let us focus on this war."

— Ship's Admiral

By playing Helldivers, every player in the world participates in a global meta campaign called the Galactic Campaign. Each time a player conquers a planet, the Influence they gained is uploaded and their contribution to the Galactic Campaign registered.

By gaining enough Influence against each enemy, the entire community is able to gradually conquer their sectors of the Galaxy map, eventually pushing the battlefront all the way to the enemy's home world. At this point, a special Attack Event is triggered, during which players are able to complete missions on the enemy's home planet for a period of 48 hours. If the community is able to gain enough Influence within this time then the faction will be defeated.
Once all enemy races have been defeated in this way, the war will be won and a new campaign will begin shortly after.
Players who participate in a successful Galactic Campaign are rewarded with the Ceremonial Armor set.

Wars can be lost if the community doesn't accumulate Influence quickly enough, allowing our adversaries to conquer our sectors of the Galaxy map and eventually push the battlefront all the way to Super Earth. If the community is unable to successfully complete the resultant Defend Event (lasting 48 hours) then Super Earth will be destroyed and the war will be over.
Players who participate in an unsuccessful Galactic Campaign are awarded the Veteran Armor set.

illuminate defeated poster in helldivers 1
"Illuminates Subjugated!"

Players should be aware that after a faction has been defeated they are eliminated from the remainder of the Galactic Campaign. It won't be possible to fight against them again until the current war is over and a new one begins.

Wars typically last for around 20 to 30 days and the challenge of each campaign is dependent on the performance of the entire community in the previous campaign.

Capital Defense

Capital Defence Map.png

If a homeworld assault should fail or no progression is being performed in a sector, enemies will try to counterattack, spawning Invasion Defend Events where players must help to defend a region capital from invading enemies. These events last for 150 minutes; take place on unique city-style terrain; have fewer possible types of objectives than normal missions (e.g. no Destroy Bug Nests/ Cyborg AA Guns/ Illuminate Generators); have only four difficulty levels to choose from; and provide double experience points as a reward for those players who heed the call.

Helldivers must contribute enough Influence within the allotted time in order to successfully defend the capital. If they fail, the whole sector will be lost—and the war front will move a step closer to Super Earth.