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Grenades (may also be referred to as "fragmentation grenades", "default grenades", or "standard grenades") explode into a multitude of fragments which deal significant damage to all enemies, Helldivers, objects and vehicles which are not protected by tank-level armor. While Helldivers' vehicles can be destroyed with just a few grenades, the heavily armored Cyborg IFVs and Bug Behemoths are completely immune. Grenades, unlike the REC-6 'Demolisher' (which is also referred to as a "Grenade!" by the Helldivers), cannot be used to destroy Cyborg AA Guns (with the exception of the Siege Mech's) or Destroy objectives.

All Helldivers are deployed into combat with a set of two grenades and can be fully restocked by acquiring ammunition. These grenades can be exchanged for Stun Grenades, Smoke Grenades, or Incendiary Grenades by equipping the associated Perk.

Unlock Requirement

Grenades are standard-issue, available to all Helldivers regardless of rank.

Weapon Stats

Frag Grenade Detailed Analysis
Weapon Info Additional Notes
Unlock Rank Rank 1
Weapon Type Grenade
Weapon Category Explosive
Fire Mode Thrown
Base Additional Notes
Anti-Personnel Explosive Damage 250
Anti-Personnel Explosion Radius 3.5 m
Direct Explosive Damage 600
Direct Explosion Radius 1.75 m
Status Effect None
AP Ammo Armor Reduction 0
Base Additional Notes
Capacity 2 Picking up an ammo crate gives up to 2 grenades.

Gameplay Tips

  • A Resupply Pack can be used to greatly aid in grenade management. Any acquired ammunition counts towards filling the Resupply Pack as well restocking your own grenades. Additionally, grenades are restocked yet again whenever drawing from the Resupply Pack later. This can be a useful tactic for making the most of grenade Perks.
  • Throwing mechanics differ depending on whether a gamepad is being used or a keyboard and mouse.
    • With a gamepad, the distance of a throw is determined by how long the button is held and whether the grenade is released (thrown) while moving forward.
      • An advantage of using a gamepad is that grenades (and other throwables, such as Demolishers can be gently 'rolled' up to a target, which makes them easier to position precisely.
    • When playing with a keyboard and mouse, throw distance is determined by cursor location (with no charge being necessary). Consequently, use of a mouse can allow a long throw to be performed more quickly, but there is no direct way for a mouse user to throw off-screen, while a gamepad does not share this limitation.
    • Both methods of throwing grenades (using either gamepad or keyboard/mouse) have the same maximum distance, which can be increased with the Strong Arm Perk. Strong Arm also doubles the speed at which grenades travel through the air.
    • This also holds true with anything else that can be thrown, such as a Stratagem beacon or REC-6 Demolisher.
  • With enough proficiency, a single well-placed grenade can destroy an entire Grotesque group.
  • The different types of grenades have different appearances when thrown, allowing you to react accordingly if one is thrown towards you.