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Fully upgraded to Heavy Strafing Run Mk3

An Eagle fighter jet armed with a 25mm chaingun strafes the area. The heavy rounds explode on impact, making it far more potent than the regular Strafing Run. This comes with the trade-off of a longer time between engagements, as the fighter has to swing wide and accelerate to compensate for recoil.

— Armory Description

Stratagem Code

Players must enter the following sequence, using the controller d‑pad, in order to call down this stratagem during a mission:
Arrow 3 R.pngArrow 3 R.pngArrow 1 D.pngArrow 4 U.png

Unlock Requirement

The Heavy Strafing Run is granted to the player as a reward for completing all the missions on its associated planet (typically a high level planet - difficulty 10 to 11).


Upgrade Cost Effect
HD1 Stratagem Heavy Strafing Run mk1.png Mk1 Basic variant, no upgrades.
HD1 Stratagem Heavy Strafing Run mk2.png Mk2 Research-point.png 3 Improved recoil dampening on the chaingun system makes for less energy loss on a pass, reducing cooldown from 50 to 35 seconds.
HD1 Stratagem Heavy Strafing Run mk3.png Mk3 Research-point.png 2 Larger ammunition pool extends the range of the gun, lengthening area of engagement and duration of attack.

Gameplay Tips

  • The Heavy Strafing Run always hits perpendicular to the direction of the throw.
  • Precision Call-In reduces this stratagem's activation time to the game's allowed a minimum of 0.1 seconds.



  • Due to a bug, any Helldiver deaths caused by the Heavy Strafing Run do not count towards the total amount of accidentals.
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