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Disambig.svg This article is about The Helldivers Military Corporation. For the Helldiver as an individual, see Helldiver.
Veteran Helldivers as They Were Mobilized a Century Ago
Veteran Helldivers as They Were Mobilized a Century Ago.

Our pride, the Helldivers are the scalpel of the military might of Super Earth, young men and women are drafted from the regular army corps to do their part in the unrestful galaxy that is set on destroying Super Earth.

Helldivers are dropped into battle using the iconic Hellpods, shock-absorbing tubes that break the atmosphere at extreme velocities only to crack the ground when they open to reveal their heroic cargo."
- Encyclopedia Description

The Helldiver Corps

This entry is monitored by the Super Earth Ministry of Truth.

The Helldivers are one of the main military branches of the Super Earth Armed Forces, responsible for defending and spreading the ideals of Super Earth against intergalactic threats at all costs. Barely trained but well equipped Helldivers are sent behind enemy lines through the use of the ingenious 'Hellpod', launched directly from orbiting Super Destroyer ships.

From there, they are expected to accomplish their objectives while disrupting hostile presence on the planet as much as possible by spreading the glorious ideals of democracy, all in the name of working towards securing planets for the interests of Super Earth and spreading managed democracy to its inhabitants. Unwavering, they are always heavily outnumbered and outgunned, with only 4 to a squad against hundreds of foes with entrenched positions, which along with their poorly trained nature leads to Helldivers being treated as expendable and all of which the brave Helldivers are more than prepared to deal with. In the event that a Helldiver give their life in battle, death being an expected common occurrence, more Helldivers are ready to drop into hell once more to replace their fallen ally.

However, thankfully, Super Earth ensures that the Helldivers are at least well equipped fodder. Every single one is armed with weapons and armor of the highest quality that Super Earth engineers are able to offer. Also equipped with throwable beacons, Helldivers are able to instantly call-in Stratagems, which are an array of heavy weaponry, artillery bombardments, and/or Eagle Fighter air support as long as they have the necessary permits from Helldiver Command.

In Super Earth society, Helldivers are hailed as respectful heroes, the fallen; martyrs for Super Earth. Many citizens who excitedly join the Super Earth Armed Forces, out of a sense of patriotism and a desire to protect others, have the chance to be drafted into the Helldiver Corps. Helldivers showing resistance, refusal, or any slightest signs of disloyalty results in death.

Ready against all odds, you are the last line of offense against all of those that oppose liberty and democracy!

Helldiver Contract of Employment

In Helldivers 2, a contract of employment is displayed on large, black plaques in the Graduation Chamber, near the end of the tutorial. The entry is free to read here.

Detailed Statistics

This section contains information specific to Helldivers and how the player character behaves in that game. The choice to keep this section is to honor legacy content on the wiki.

Name Health Constitution Armor Shield
Base Decay Base Decay Location Min Max Base Armor Regen Delay
Helldiver 100 -2 100 2 default 0 35 not shielded
w/ MD-99 Autoinjector -12
w/ Heavy Armor default 15 100
w/ SH-32 (original) front 20 400
w/ SH-32 (upgraded) 30 600
w/ SH-20 (original) default 50 0 20 15
w/ SH-20 (upgraded) 100 0 40 10



Helldivers are always outnumbered and the waves of enemies have no end. Keep this in mind.