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Helldivers drop into battle using the iconic Hellpods, shock-absorbing tubes that break the atmosphere at extreme velocities only to crack the ground when they open to reveal their heroic cargo.

— Helldivers 1 Encyclopedia

The Hellpod is the device used to transport the Helldiver, their Equipment, and Stratagems from their Super Destroyer down onto the specified Planet


  • These massive near-suicidal pods were invented to counter the threat of the oppressive regime of the socialists that had dug themselves in on Northman's Creek. Super Earth was unable to gain air superiority and therefore developed these supersonic pods equipped with stabilizers and extreme shock absorbers that can hit a space-coin and allow for drops into basically any type of terrain.
  • As fifty Helldivers dropped into the Parliament and quickly relieved the regime from power (and life), their troops scattered and the fight was easily won. Northman's Creek was once again united with the federation of Super Earth.
  • As with quite a few things in Helldivers, Hellpods are a direct callout to the various incarnations of Starship Troopers, in this case the various capsules/drop pods. They however, including the ominously nicknamed 'coffin' type capsule, tend to be a bit more compact (at least in the infantry versions) and somewhat safer in operation despite being considered pretty risky for their occupants at the best of times!


Change History




  • Fixed a crash happening when players with unique hellpod patterns leave during hellpod launch cutscenes.



  • Solved issues where the effective area around objects was a lot larger than intended.
  • Reduced the number of objects that prevent hellpod steering.