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Initiate D.png

A misguided rebel that was once part of Super Earth, these low-end troopers have little respect from the more heavily converted war machines that litter the ranks of these separatist forces.

Usually, as an indoctrination into their hostile nature, a weapon is attached to the Initiate's arm.

Cyborg Emblem 2.png Role Danger Weapons Resilience Armor
Light Infantry Low Firearms Low None
Health Constitution Armor
Base Decay Base Decay Location Min Max
75 0 0 5 default 0 45
Attacks Power Crit AP? Effects
Melee 10 n/a no n/a
Gun 20 n/a no n/a


  • Predominately found on low to medium level planets, Initiates patrol the battlefield, following semi-random patterns while searching for Helldivers. They patrol more often around mission objectives and are also attracted to Stratagem beacons.

These patrols typically consist of two Initiates and two 'Squadleader' Soldiers or three Initiates and one 'Squadleader' Soldier.

  • Soon after spotting Helldiver troops, Initiates will seek to engage players in combat from mid-range with their machine gun. After selecting a target, Initiates will continue to fire in that same direction for a few seconds, regardless of the movement of their target - making their weapon fire fairly easy to avoid. This, combined with the Initiates lack of armor, makes them a straightforward enemy to deal with.
  • Due to the Initiate's extremely low health, it is recommended to melee them whenever it is possible.


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