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Fully upgraded LAS-13 Trident

This shotgun-like weapon is a further development on the laser carbine technology, allowing for a virtually ammunition independent weapon. Suitable for when you want an easier time hitting your target.

— Armory Description

Unlock Requirement

The LAS-13 Trident was given for free to all players regardless of rank on 3 March 2016 to celebrate the one year anniversary of HELLDIVERS' release. It is unlocked by default for new recruits so long as the latest version of the game is used.


Upgrade Requirements Cost Effect
Upgrade Heat Capacity.png Heat Capacity Research-point.png 2 Increases the amount of heat absorbed before overload.
Upgrade Heat Sink.png Heat Sink Heat Capacity Research-point.png 4 Increases the rate at which the weapon dissipates heat.
Upgrade Laser Splitter.png Laser Splitter Research-point.png 4 Doubles the amount of laser beams but lowers the individual damage.
Upgrade Increased Rate of Fire.png Laser Rate of Fire Laser Splitter Research-point.png 6 Increases the rate of fire.

Heat Capacity

  • Adds another emergency heat dump canister to the weapon, increasing how much heat can be absorbed before an emergency dump is triggered.

Heat Sink

  • Increased heat sink capacity improves the cooling rate of the weapon while also increasing the time window for sustained fire.

Laser Splitter

  • Replacing standard capacitors with high-speed, heavy duty models and replaces the standard beam-splitting prism with a modified version, allowing for twice as many beams per pulse as the basic model but with reduced power per beam. Increases beam count to 6, reduces damage per beam by ~15% to 40% depending on hit location.

Laser Rate of Fire

  • Replaces the weapon's capacitors with higher-speed, ultra heavy duty prototype models, allowing for a much lower delay between pulses without sacrificing reliability. Increases rate of fire.

Weapon Stats

  • Helldivers start missions with 2 heat dump canisters and can carry up to a maximum of 4.
  • The Trident takes 3 seconds to replace its heat dump canisters, although this is only necessary if the weapon overheats. This process cannot be sped up by any means.
LAS-13 'Trident' Detailed Analysis
Weapon Info Additional Notes
Unlock Rank Rank 1 Unlocked as part of the HELLDIVERS anniversary celebration
Weapon Type Primary
Weapon Category Laser/Shotgun
Fire Mode Full-auto
Base Upgraded Additional Notes
Damage 90 55 Per beam, Requires Laser Splitter upgrade
Center Mass Damage 120 100 Per beam, Requires Laser Splitter upgrade
# of Projectiles 3 6 Requires Laser Splitter upgrade
Base Upgraded Additional Notes
Heat Capacity 400 480* * Requires Heat Capacity upgrade
Heat Generation (per pulse) 32 32
Cooldown Rate 120/s 140/s¤ ¤ Requires Heat Sink upgrade
Cooldown Delay 0.15 s 0.15 s Time before weapon begins to cool after firing
Cyclic Rate of Fire (RPM) 252 300 Requires Laser Rate of Fire upgrade
Starting Canisters 2 2
Max Canisters 4 4
Reload Speed 3 s 3 s No tactical reload
Spread 17.2° 17.2° Fixed firing pattern
Max Range 20 m 20 m
Beam Spread Simulation todo
Aim + Movement Speed Mod todo todo

Gameplay Tips

  • The Trident is arguably one of the more effective tools in the game for suppressing both enemy patrols and mobs, thanks to its huge firing cone, infinite ammo, and decent damage per pulse. These traits allow it to keep an entire quadrant of the playing field saturated with laser fire indefinitely (so long as heat buildup is managed). However, it is the single most expensive weapon in the game to fully upgrade and tends to only be average in all its stats compared to ballistic weapons, and even among other laser weapons. It is best used at close-to-mid-range when dealing with anything more durable than faction patrol units as both its spread and extremely weak off-center damage limit its effectiveness at range.
  • While sharing the same pulsed firing mode as the LAS-16 Sickle, the Trident is the only laser weapon that has both a short delay after firing before it starts to cool, and a considerably slower cooling rate. Helldivers are advised to fire single shots at a slower rate of fire than full-auto in order to ensure enough firing time remains for emergency use.
    • Like the Sickle, the Trident's pulsed firing mode does not allow it to cut through Cyborg armor like the Scythe or Tanto, making anti-tank Stratagems a requirement when taking on higher difficulty planets.
  • The Trident has wildly inconsistent spread and range, more so than almost any other weapon, and limited damage potential at any range beyond bayonet distance. For this reason it is best reserved for close quarters fighting or taking out the weakest enemies at range such as Illuminate Observers and Watchers, and Bug Scouts and Vanguards. Memorizing where the edges of the Trident's spread pattern are will greatly reduce the risk and occurrence of friendly fire; failing this, Helldivers should always reposition for a better shot whenever in doubt.


  • The LAS-13 Trident was re-balanced in Patch 5.00. The weapon now deals less damage and will usually not kill other players in one hit. Usually.
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