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Liberation day 2018 title screen
Liberty Day 2018 title screen fireworks

Liberty Day is celebrated on the 26th of October.

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Liberty Day is a holiday of Super Earth and is celebrated every 26th of October by the game's developers, Arrowhead Game Studios, and its fan base alike. Historically, Arrowhead Game Studios has published an official blog post each year recognizing Liberty Day and has been known to hold interactive events such as live streams, contests, giveaways, and an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) thread. Members of the fan base often celebrate in ways such as by participating in these events, sharing Helldiver-themed media (such as photos) online, or simply playing the game even after an extended hiatus.

Each year on Liberty Day, the game's title screen displays fireworks while the ticker on the ship reads, "Humanity everywhere rejoices as we celebrate Liberty Day!"

Liberty Day Content Updates

Arrowhead Game Studios has not released new content additions every Liberty Day, but they do have a record of releasing such updates in the past. These updates are not guaranteed nor have they been publicly announced in advance, however, they are free updates to anyone who owns at least a base game copy of HELLDIVERS™ or HELLDIVERS 2™.

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There has not yet been a content drop confirmed for Liberty Day 2024.

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Official Arrowhead Blog Posts

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There have not been any blog posts for Helldivers 2 yet.

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  • Liberty Day is celebrated on October 26th as a reference to the science fiction novel, Starship Troopers, which was published on October 26, 1959.