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Fully upgraded P-2 Peacemaker sidearm

The P-2 Peacemaker pistol is your average standard-issue sidearm. It fulfills the role of a last backup in case of ammunition shortage, and fills the void of a one-handed weapon if the Helldiver is incapacitated or carrying important objectives.

— Armory Description


Unlock Requirement

The P-2 Peacemaker is the standard-issue sidearm available to all Helldivers and is already unlocked from rank 1 for new players.


Upgrade Requirements Cost Effect
Upgrade Armor-Piercing Ammunition.png AP Ammunition Research-point.png 1 Armor-piercing ammunition does more damage to armored targets.
Upgrade Extended Magazine.png Extended Magazine Research-point.png 1 Increases the amount of rounds in the magazine from 12 to 21.
Upgrade Burst Fire.png Burst Fire Extended Magazine Research-point.png 2 This upgrade makes every press of the trigger fire three shots.

Armor-Piercing Ammunition

  • This ammunition type has been specifically designed to counter light to medium armor. AP rounds have no trouble punching through light armor and deal increased damage to targets with medium armor. Like all AP Ammo upgrades, this upgrade will not make it possible to damage Cyborg IFVs and enemies with heavy armor. Refer to Enemies/Detailed Statistics for details on AP Ammo mechanics.

Extended Magazine

  • Increases the number of rounds in the magazine from 12 to 21 rounds. The maximum number of spare magazines that can be carried remains unchanged.

Burst Fire

  • This upgrade makes every press of the trigger fire three shots with virtually no spread. Rapid fire will still result in inaccurate groupings at range.

Weapon Stats

  • Helldivers start missions with 4 magazines of ammunition and can carry up to a maximum of 6. Each magazine contains 12 rounds by default (21 with the Extended Magazine upgrade). If 4 or less rounds remain in the magazine when the weapon is fired, the 'low ammunition' warning sound will play and red tracer rounds will fire.
  • The Peacemaker takes 1 second to reload when empty and 0.5 seconds with ammunition left in the magazine. Performing a tactical reload with ammo left in the magazine keeps a round in the chamber as well, giving the Peacemaker with the Extended Magazine upgrade a maximum of 22 shots before needing to be reloaded again.
P-2 'Peacemaker' Detailed Analysis
Weapon Info Additional notes
Unlock Rank Rank 1
Weapon Type Sidearm
Weapon Category Pistol One-handed
Fire Mode Semi-Auto/Burst* * Requires Burst Fire upgrade
Base Upgraded Additional Notes
Damage 60 60
Center Mass Damage 100 100
AP Ammo Armor Reduction 0 -15 Requires AP Ammo upgrade
Base Upgraded Additional Notes
Cyclic Rate of Fire (RPM) 960 960 Fires as fast as you can pull the trigger
Capacity 12 + 1 21 + 1 Requires Extended Magazine upgrade
Starting Mags 4 4
Max Mags 6 6
Empty Reload Speed 1.0 s 1.0 s
Tactical Reload Speed 0.5 s 0.5 s Keeps one round in the chamber
Min Spread
Max Spread 10° 10°
Spread Increase per Shot 0.83°* * Requires Burst Fire upgrade
Max Range 20 m 20 m
Bullet Spread Simulation todo

Gameplay Tip

  • Although its 'Range' statistic is missing, the P-2 Peacemaker has roughly the same range as the CR-9 Suppressor.
  • The P-2 is automatically drawn if no other one-handed weapon is available when carrying objectives such as the Black Box, Illuminate Power Core or Artillery shells, or when mortally wounded. Keep in mind that you must manually switch back to your primary or stratagem weapon after dropping equipment or after recovering from being downed.
  • The Peacemaker is a versatile weapon in the right hands and should not be underestimated. A single 3-round burst can take down most enemy patrol units (especially units that die in a single hit, such as Bug Scouts and Vanguards) if all rounds hit center mass, and rapid bursts can put out a surprising amount of damage in a short amount of time. Burst fire also allows the Peacemaker to be used against crowds to some degree, although the low damage output and small magazine necessitate frequent reloads and make dealing with crowds and stronger enemies difficult.
  • Note that it is still possible to fire single shots with the Burst Fire upgrade. By slightly depressing the trigger or quickly tapping fire on PC, single shots will be fired instead of the full burst. This "half-tap" is extremely useful for conserving ammo since many weaker enemies can be killed with a single accurate pistol shot to center mass, extending how long you may use your sidearm while saving precious ammo for your primary weapon (such as specialized weapons like the RX-1 Rail Gun). Veteran Controller Mode may make firing single shots easier.
    • The burst fire upgrade is linearly less efficient than single fire depending on the target; some enemies may only need a single burst to die, while others may require 4 or 5 rounds which means two bursts need to be fired to kill them, wasting one to two shots per burst. It is recommended to learn the "half-tap" technique to minimize wasted ammo.


  • The Peacemaker is part of a handful of fully animated weapons. The slide on the P-2 will move while firing and it even has a last round hold-open where it locks back on an empty magazine.
  • The Peacemaker appears to be loosely based on the Beretta 93R "Auto 9" from the Paul Verhoeven film RoboCop, the main differences being the drastically smaller magazine and an accessory rail under the barrel for attaching a laser aiming module.
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