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P-6 Gunslinger (pistol perk)

Exchanges your standard Helldiver sidearm with a heavy revolver. The aptly nicknamed 'Gunslinger' revolver might seem flashy, but packs a proper punch and comes with built in lasersight. Part of the Pistol Pack .

— Armory Description

Unlock Requirement

The P-6 Gunslinger is part of the Pistol Pack and is unlocked by purchasing the respective DLC. Unlike normal weapons, it has no rank requirement to unlock and must be selected from the Perks menu at the mission loadout screen. The P-6 Gunslinger has no upgrade path due to its status as a Perk weapon, but it comes standard with a Laser Sight and AP Ammo.

Weapon Stats

  • Helldivers start missions with 4 magazines of ammunition and can carry up to a maximum of 8. Each magazine contains 6 rounds. If two or less rounds remain in the magazine, the 'low ammo' warning sound will play and red tracer rounds will fire.
  • The Gunslinger has a 2.5 second reload time and has no tactical reload due to all cartridges being ejected upon reloading. The Gunslinger thus will always have 6 rounds in its cylinder upon reloading, and the process takes the same time regardless of the number of unspent cartridges remaining.
  • The Gunslinger's ammunition is naturally armor-piercing and capable of damaging some enemies that normal weapons and sidearms cannot due to its extremely high damage per shot. Refer to Enemies/Detailed Statistics for details on AP Ammo mechanics.
P-6 'Gunslinger' Detailed Analysis
Weapon Info Additional Notes
Unlock Rank Rank 1 Unlocked via Pistol Pack DLC
Weapon Type Sidearm
Weapon Category Pistol One-handed
Fire Mode Semi-Auto
Base Additional Notes
Damage 400
Center Mass Damage 499
AP Ammo Armor Reduction -15
Base Additional Notes
Cyclic Rate of Fire (RPM) 504
Capacity 6 Fixed capacity
Starting Mags 4
Max Mags 8
Reload Speed 2.5 s No tactical reload
Min Spread
Max Spread
Spread Increase per Shot
Max Range 20 m
Bullet Spread Simulation todo

Gameplay Tips

  • The Gunslinger is automatically drawn in place of the P-2 Peacemaker when carrying objectives such as the Black Box, Illuminate Power Core or artillery shells, or when mortally wounded. Keep in mind that you must manually switch back to your primary or stratagem weapon after dropping equipment or after recovering from being downed.
  • The Gunslinger's increased total damage per magazine gives it an edge when downed or carrying objectives compared to the Peacemaker. Use it to take out enemies swarming around you or downed teammates to make rescue much safer.
  • Due to being a high-powered revolver, the Gunslinger naturally suffers from a small magazine capacity and extremely frequent reloads. Try to keep the magazine topped off with at least 4 rounds or more and don't be afraid to discard the last round or two; having a full magazine can make the difference between saving an objective or teammate, or yourself, or dying horribly.
  • The Gunslinger is capable of a terrifying amount of burst damage; a single magazine can take down some heavy units, such as Cyborg Butchers, Hulks (but not their shield) and even Warlords when targeting their weak points. Patrol units can be wiped out from a safe distance with a single shot. Having an ample supply of ammunition coupled with good aim can turn the P-6 into a viable primary weapon, allowing for more specialized or exotic loadouts.


  • The Gunslinger is not based on a single firearm, but a mix of several revolvers with the most prominent influences being the overall form factors of the Taurus Raging Bull .454 and the S&W Model 500.
  • Interestingly, the Gunslinger is a top-break action revolver, an odd choice for a high-powered revolver as the break action frame has more weak points in its construction compared to the more common solid frame with a swing-out cylinder. This is possibly to make it ambidextrous in its operation compared to right or left-loading solid frame revolvers and allow automatic ejecting of spent cartridges to speed up reloading.
  • The Gunslinger is part of a handful of fully animated weapons. When reloading it will open from the top and eject empty, still-smoking cartridge casings.
  • Due to the way latency is handled in the game, P-6 Gunslinger rounds may appear to "overpenetrate" certain enemies, letting it take out up to two enemies at once during online play.
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