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This Manual of Style (often abbreviated MoS or MOS) is a style guide for all Helldivers Wiki Templates and Lua Modules. It establishes our house style, to help editors produce templates with consistent, clear, and precise language, layout, and formatting.

This is a general guide on writing templates on this wiki


  • When making templates make sure to include documentation at the end of the template inside a <noinclude> tag.
  • Do not include categories for the template in the template page itself. Instead put it inside an <includeonly> tag in the documentation page.

Template Types

  • Navbox templates should be named {{Nav <Navbox type>}}
  • Infobox templates should be named {{Infobox <infobox name>}}


  • When documenting template, make sure to include {{doc/start}} at the top of the page and {{doc/end}} at the end of the page.
  • Put template categories at the end of the doc page by having code similar to:
<!-- Include template categories here -->
  • For explain template parameters and what they do.
    • Include examples of them in the documentation.
  • If you used a module in the creation of the template, mark what modules were used by including the {{lua}} template under {{doc/start}}

Example Templates


  • When creating modules, if you used other modules, make sure you use the {{lua}} template at the top of the doc page to let others know what the module dependencies are.
  • If your code is complex, try to leave comments explaining why you wrote it the way you did.

Code Style

  • For variable, use camelCase.
  • For function names, use camelCase.

Example Modules

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