Hive Guard

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The Hive Guard is a medium sized terminid with light armor around its beige colored body and black medium armor plates protecting the front of its legs and its head.These bugs hunker down when attacked, immobilizing it but protecting more of its body with the medium armor plating. They attack using their claws.

Tactical Information

  • When hunkered down, the Hive Guard is completely stationary, and will remain that way as long as something is firing at it. A team of Helldivers can exploit this by flanking its unprotected sides.
  • There are gaps between its armor, even when they are hunkered down. Look for the gap between their head and legs when aiming head-on.
  • Shooting at the Hive Guard's head with medium penetration weapons can efficiently dispatch it.
  • When substantially wounded, the Hive Guard will enter a berserk state and gain increased movement and attack speed before expiring.


Here is a list of weapons and how they perform against the Hive Guard

Primary Weapons
Weapon Shots Notes
SG-8S Slugger 3 Head
PLAS-1 Scorcher 2/3 Head, front armor
Secondary Weapons
Weapon Shots Notes
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Scavenger Bile Spitter Pouncer Warrior Hive Guard Hunter Stalker Shrieker Bile Spewer Nursing Spewer Brood Commander Charger Bile Titan

Automaton icon.png

Trooper Commissar Scout Strider Berserker Devastator Gunship Hulk Tank Factory Strider Dropship