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Menkent is a Planet in Helldivers 2. It is one of three planets that reside within the Hydra Sector.


Menkent was a key battleground during The Reclamation.

End of First Galactic War - April 8, 2024: Menkent was captured as the Cyborgs retreated ever so deeper into their demise. It was a less destructive capture, meaning that Menkent was developing at a faster rate compared to the others at the time. Menkent is the Super Earth's #1 supplier to Cyberstan, where the Cyborgs were kept imprisoned. Menkent sent aid to Malevelon Creek before it was captured by the Automatons and helped take it back. Menkent was a big arms production planet for Super Earth.

April 9, 2024 - Present: Following the Automatons' return after the successful Operation Swift Disassembly, Menkent was classified as a key planet for both Super Earth and Automatons due to the sheer amount of supplies stored. The Automatons took advantage of Menkent's undying loyalty to keeping the Cyborgs locked up and waited till they sent supplies to a captured Cyberstan before launching a full-scale invasion. It was captured, but the Helldivers valiantly took it back. The Automatons' supplies mixed with Menkent's still enormous stock allowed for the Menkent Line to be build and halt the Automatons' advance.