Orbital Walking Barrage

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A linear artillery barrage which moves at intervals, driving the enemy out from cover while allowing an advance.

— Ship Management Terminal

It fires salvos of 5 shells each at intervals of 1 second per shot, with 3 seconds between salvos. The shells are 380mm HE Barrage shells that walk forward in the direction the beacon was thrown. The barrage advances around 100 meters from the start point.


  • Call-in Time: 2 Seconds
  • Uses: Unlimited
  • Cooldown Time: 240 Seconds (4 Minutes)

Detailed Weapon Statistics

Orbital Walking Barrage
Cooldown 240 sec
Call-in Time 3 s
Salvos 3
Capacity 3
Orbital Cannon 380mm HE Projectile
Orbital Barrage Explosion
Orbital Cannon 380mm HE
Caliber 406 mm
Mass 30 kg
Initial Velocity 400 m/s
Drag Factor 0%
Gravity Factor 100%
Penetration Slowdown 25%
Standard 450
vs. Durable 450
Direct Armor AP8 Icon.png Heavy IV
Slight Angle Armor AP7 Icon.png Heavy III
Large Angle Armor AP6 Icon.png Heavy II
Extreme Angle Armor AP0 Icon.png Unarmored
Special Effects
Demolition Force 50
Stagger Force 20
Push Force 20
Orbital Barrage
Area of Effect
Inner Radius 4 m
Outer Radius 12 m
Shockwave Radius 18 m
Inner Radius 1000
Outer Radius 999 - 0
Inner Radius Armor AP6 Icon.png Heavy II
Outer Radius Armor AP5 Icon.png Heavy I
Shockwave Armor AP6 Icon.png Heavy II
AoE Effect
Demolition Force 50
Stagger Force 70
Push Force 60

Gameplay Tips

Reinforce Stratagem Icon.png
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  • The walking barrage allows players to follow the advance of the barrage, which travels in the direction the player faces when calling in the stratagem.
  • The stratagem beacon stays at the initial call-in location, therefore as the barrage continues it becomes more misleading about where the danger zone is.

Affected by:

The following Ship Modules affect the Orbital Walking Barrage:

Department Ship Module Effect
TBC Exploding Shrapnel
More Guns
Zero-G Breech Loading
Targeting Software Upgrade


Tutorial Video Demonstrating Use of the Orbital Walking Barrage

Change History




  • Fixed issue where kills from orbital barrage did not progress Indirect Fire Exercise order.