Pelican 1

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Disambig.svg This article is about the NPC piloting it. For the Extraction Shuttle, see Extraction Shuttle. For the Transport Shuttle series, see Pelican.

Pelican 1 is the callsign used by the Super Destroyer's extraction shuttle and the only known name for the NPC piloting it. He is responsible for extracting Helldivers after a successful mission.

Voice Lines

During the Tutorial Cinematic

Regular Gameplay

20 Second Supervision Timer Expired

  • "Helldivers outside Extraction radius. Pelican 1 aborting pickup."

Extraction Shuttle is Arriving

Extraction Shuttle has Arrived, LZ Clear

Engaging Enemy

  • "For peace!"

One Helldiver has entered/Mission Timer reached 0

  • "Pelican 1 preparing to depart. Shuttle launch in 20 seconds."

Depart Timer reached 0

All Helldivers on Board/Depart Timer reached 0 with at least 1 Helldiver on Board