SEAF Communications Device

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SEAF Communications Device can be found at Human Structures.


Here's a list of possible transcripts found when interacting with a SEAF Communications Device:

  • A device used to communicate between the Department of Expansion and Colonial Overseers.
  • "Memo to Colonial Overseer: In order to best serve Freedom, the security budget for your colony will be reduced by [23.7%] for the next fiscal term."
  • "Memo to Colonial Overseer: Be sure to calibrate the productivity output of your workers in accordance with your Compliance Index."
  • "Memo to all SEAF Forces: Moving forward, frontline mail services will be reserved for soldiers of exceptional democratic service only."
  • "EMERGENCY WARNING: Hostile forces incoming. Evacuate immediately. EMERGENCY WARNING: Hostile forces incoming. Evacuate immediately."
  • "ORDER: Do not retreat. Defend Liberty at all costs."
  • The screen is frozen on one final message: "Hold."
  • "Due to the exceptional hazard of the current posting, all SEAF soldier's and their approved domestic family units will be granted Class C citizenship following mission completion or death."
  • "The Colonial Overseer's Handbook. A guide to Planetary Terraforming, Resource Extraction, and Colonist Management. Approved by the Ministry of Expansion."
  • The screen shows a picture of what must be a SEAF solder's family, holding a banner saying "Defend our Freedom."
  • "Notice to Colonists: A military operation is being conducted in your vicinity. There is no need for alarm. Please remain indoors until further notice."
  • Half a message is typed on this blood-spattered tablet: "Request immediate fire support. Taking heavy ca-"