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The Ship Master is an NPC in Helldivers 2 that can be found on the Super Destroyer, near the elevator that Helldivers use after mission extraction. She is a dark-skinned woman with a shaved head, staunchly Pro-Super Earth attitude, and much respect for Helldivers. Whenever a squad returns from a mission, she will say a short phrase, based on how it went; responses generally focus on the number of Helldivers lost, how much friendly fire there was, and how many samples were collected.

Voice Lines

Trigger Voice Line Audio
Sometimes after entering the Super Destroyer Welcome aboard, Helldiver. Now that you're here, the war is as good as won.
Welcome aboard, Helldiver. The Galactic War needs you.
Welcome aboard, Helldiver. I look forward to serving with you.
Joining another Helldiver's Super Destroyer Always good to have another hero on board.
Welcome aboard, Helldiver. We can never have too many heroes fighting for peace.
Interact with her Super Destroyer crew assignments are some of the most sought-after in the fleet. Everyone wants to be on a Helldiver's destroyer.
You know, this Destroyer has enough ordnance to level a small moon. I've done the calculations myself.
The Destroyer is mighty, but it's not Super Earth's greatest weapon. No, that is Managed Democracy—the one thing our enemies can never understand.
Each mission puts this crew at risk. But everyone here would gladly give their lives to preserve Democracy.
More samples. Good. I'm looking forward to seeing what Destroyer upgrades you can get for them.
Oh, I see you've secured some research samples. You can spend those at the terminal over there to upgrade the Super Destroyer. Get enough of them, and we'll see what this baby can really do.
The average Helldiver mission approaches the cost of a Liberty-class Cruiser. Just goes to show how critical our mission is to the war effort.
There's no day-night cycle onboard these ships. I like to imagine it's always morning, with a whole day of defending freedom left ahead of me.
I'm sure you've wondered how voting works on a Destroyer. Don't worry—our terminal is top-of-the-line. Latest algorithm and everything.
You know, the cost of one stratagem is more than most citizens make in a year. You can see why they only entrust them to Helldivers.
The more we fight, the more it becomes clear that our enemies will never accept our way of life. It's us or them.
This ship will never visit most of our planets. Why? Because they aren't under attack. And with you here, they'll stay that way.
Keep up the good work, Helldiver. Once we win, the planets we're over will finally be allowed to prosper. Like the rest of the Federation.
Stay vigilant, Helldiver. Complacency plays right into the hands of dissidents.
The Democracy Officer is here to optimize our Citizenship. We're lucky, we should always strive to be the best Citizens we can be.
You know, the problem with the bugs is that they're relentless expansionists. In their region of space, we've found them on nearly every planet we've settled.
If we don't stop the bugs' mindless reproduction, the burden's going to fall on our children. And our children's children.
The bugs are basically an out-of-control pest. And you're the exterminator.
If the Terminids had stayed on the Element 710 farms where they belonged, all this bloodshed could've been avoided.
01000001 01001000.[Note 1] That was the first intercepted bot message. Our analysts think it means "Kill all humans."
The bots are proof that if you put enough 1s and 0s together, you can threaten the entire galaxy.
The bots are simple enough. Little more than bits of metal welded to a gun and a CPU, with a single overriding directive: kill.
Here's the problem with the bots, Helldiver. Their whole society revolves around violence. If they actually won the war, they'd have no idea how to function.
Our enemies can fight as hard as they like, but Freedom always wins.
The enemies on the battlefield are one thing, but at least they're out in the open. It's the traitors among us I truly hate.
When I get exhausted, I just think of all the brave Super Earth colonists out there settling new planets. They do their part, and we do ours.
I thought we had a lot of planets when I was a kid, but we've settled dozens more since then. A few generations from now, and the entire Milky Way will be one united Democracy.
I haven't set foot on Super Earth myself, but I've heard it's more spectacular in person.
Keeping things running around here isn't easy, but if that's how I can best serve Liberty, I'll do it gladly.
Ammo, fuel, personnel—I manage everything on this ship with one thing in mind: making sure you have the support you need, Helldiver.
I give every crew member a half day off on Liberty Day. Some things are sacred, even on the front.
Some of the crew like to talk about what they'll do when the war's over. I don't allow that sort of thing. We need to focus on the fight.
Watching Helldivers in action is great for crew morale. It's even better than a...dissident execution.
Liberty rests on your shoulders, Helldiver. I know you can bear the weight.
You inspire me, Helldiver. You inspire us all.
Even though the First Galactic War ended almost 100 years ago, we're still enjoying the Freedom those heroes fought and died for. Maybe in another 100 years, our descendants will be doing the same.
The election is coming up. Even in the midst of war, Managed Democracy stands strong.
If you've got any Medals or Super Credits, you can spend them in the Acquisition Store (sic). That's where they sell the fancy stuff.
I hear a new voting algorithm is coming soon. Supposed to have even better candidate selection than the current one, if you can believe it.

Mission Complete Voice Lines

Trigger Voice Line Audio
Complete the main objective and extract Liberty is victorious once more.
That was one for the record books. Where all missions are logged for analysis.
Welcome back. Democracy's reach extends a bit further, thanks to you.
There's nothing sweeter than victory in the name of Freedom.
A triumphant return.
Freedom wins again.
Complete the main objective and extract off a Terminid controlled planet Another victory over the Terminid scourge.
Complete the main objective and extract off an Automaton controlled planet You've got the bots on the run! Or, you know. Whatever they do.
Nice job down there. Hopefully the colonists can recover some of the scrap.
A few more bots out of commission.
Fewer bots, more Freedom.
Complete the main objective and extract with 40%~ of samples and triple digit kill count Lots of enemies killed, lots of samples collected. That's a good mission in my book.
Complete the main objective and extract with 50% or more of mission time remaining Mission accomplished! And quickly, too.
Speed is the essence of war. Well done.
You're back quickly. Well done.
Complete the main objective and extract with no Helldiver casualties Our enemies couldn't take down even a single Helldiver today. You truly are invincible.
A 100% survival rate. Very satisfying.
Not a single Helldiver lost on that mission. A result as glorious as it is atypical.
Complete the main objective and extract with no accidentals 0 friendly fire incidents is the sort of statistical anomaly I welcome.
Complete the main objective and extract with 50% or more of reinforcements lost We lost many good Helldivers today.

Event Voice Lines

During certain Major Orders or in-game events, voice lines may be added to the Ship Master.

Operation Valiant Enclosure

Trigger Voice Line Audio
Interact with her during the event I can't wait to see the TCS in action. Giant towers all over the planet, spewing bug-killing gas into the air? Logistics alone are a work of art.
Once we get the TCS established, we can start putting the Bugs back on the farms, where they belong. With tighter security this time, too.
The engineers filled the TCS tanks with enough Termicide to last over a year! Should be easy enough to replenish, once all the Terminids are dead.
You know, even after all these years, we're still not sure how Terminids travel between solar systems. That's why the TCS is so genius. Doesn't matter how they get there, if they're dead on arrival.
Interact with her after the event Small fractions of the bug populations are showing resistance to the Termicide. This sort of thing is to be expected, of course.

Operation Swift Disassembly

Trigger Voice Line Audio
Interact with her during the event Once this cleanup operation is over, I'm hoping they'll keep the Helldivers active indefinitely, as a galactic patrol force. The Automatons weren't much of a threat, but you never know what else could be out there.
The Automatons are a good reminder to never get complacent. It's like I always say: military spending is always money well spent.

The Reclamation

Trigger Voice Line Audio
Interact with her during the event Everyone knows Cyberstan has been a rehabilitation facility for the Cyborgs since the First Galactic War. What a lot of people don't realize is just how many patriotic citizens it takes to keep an operation like that afloat. We will avenge every last one of them.
After we re-take Cyberstan, we'll turn over every asteroid in the galaxy until we find where the Automatons came from.
I wonder what the Automatons plan on doing with all the Cyborgs. Now that I think about it, I wouldn't put it past them to be working together. I never trusted those half-human freaks.

Deactivate the Terminid Control System

Trigger Voice Line Audio
Interact with her during the event The sheer volume of spores coming out of this Supercolony... I've never seen anything like it. Our farms couldn't achieve half of this, even at peak output.
The TCS couldn't have failed at a worse time. Cyberstan was practically ours.
If more planets turn into Supercolonies like Meridia, we'll have to significantly ramp up our munitions production. We'll need a lot more bombs, is what I'm saying.

Start of the Second Galactic War

Trigger Voice Line Audio
Interact with her during the event I've heard there's some kind of secret superweapon being worked on by our top scientists. Not the ones who made the Termicide, of course. They're all being interrogated for treason. Our other top scientists.
I've never felt as proud to be a part of Super Earth as I do right now. Citizens of all classifications are coming together to fight for Managed Democracy.
This mobilization isn't a moment too soon. We've had hand soap on half rations for weeks.

Operation Enduring Peace

Trigger Voice Line Audio
Interact with her during the event Watch your step, Helldiver. We've got Dark Fluid onboard now. One thing goes wrong, and we'll all be spaghettified before we know it.
An entire planet, compressed into an infinitesimally small point... well, that's what happens when you resist the will of Managed Democracy.
I'm a little nervous having the Dark Fluid aboard the ship. Apparently, there's a non-zero chance it could destroy the whole galaxy. But then again, we lose Super Earth, what hope is there for the galaxy anyway?
After being forced to warp away from Meridia's implosion Sorry about that emergency warp, Helldiver. Probably caught you off-guard. The Supercolony started imploding, and we had to get out of there before we got sucked into the black hole. We barely made it.

Confirmed Names

  • Blood
  • Davidsson
  • Durney
  • Frob
  • Moore
  • Vanderheide


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Known Bugs

  • After the Ship Master comments on the Acquisition Center, interaction with her is briefly disabled.


  1. Translates to "AH" if translated from binary to English. This is presumably in reference to Arrowhead Game Studios.