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The Shrieker Nest is an Optional Objective contained within a group of Terminid structures. For as long as they are standing, they will spawn Shriekers: flying Terminids that flock around the nest until a Helldiver draws near. The nests consist of two or three mushroom-like structures similar in shape to Spore Spewers which act as a spawn point for the Shriekers. To complete the Optional Objective, Helldivers must destroy the structures, after which the Shriekers will cease spawning.

Objective Steps

Tactical Information

  • Shriekers will not spawn if there are no Helldivers within 130 meters of the nest. Helldivers may know the distance of a point by pinging it.
  • Due to the dangerous nature of this structure and the Shriekers it spawns, using a Hellbomb to destroy it is not recommended. Instead, engage it from outside the Shrieker spawning range with one or more of the following:
  • All Eagle and Orbital stratagems capable of destroying enemy structures, such as Bug Nests, can also destroy these.
  • The Helldiver cannot rely on pinging this structure to alert their teammates, as they will say 'Bug hole!' instead of a custom voiceline specific to this structure.
  • Landing a Hellpod on a nest structure will damage it. Three Hellpods are required to destroy one tower.
  • When getting close to a Shrieker Nest, it is recommended to use Laser weaponry to easily dispatch Shriekers, as the hitscan nature of laser weapons makes them ideal for consistently hitting these agile fliers.
    • Aim for their shoulders (where the wings are attached), or head.



  • When pinging a Shrieker Nest, it is labelled as a "Bug Hole", and plays the corresponding voice line.

Change History



  • Undocumented: Added to the game, with an extremely rare spawn rate.
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