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Terminid icon.png

The ravenous Terminids are guided solely by an instinctive urge to reproduce, spread, and destroy Democracy. They are a fast-evolving plague, a shapeshifting infestation that threatens to devour and disenfranchise every single child on every single planet.

Terminids, insect-like creatures referred to as Bugs before their scientific name was given, are swift-moving, swarming aliens. Much of the Terminids attack using their claws and acidic bile. They now swarm the planets east of the Sol System.

They are one of two current factions Helldivers can fight against, with the other being the Automatons.


Acid, also known as Bile, is the preferred method of dealing damage for some Terminids, namely, the Bile Spitter, Nursing Spewer, Bile Spewer and Bile TItan. The Acid Anemone also applies acid to creatures that step on it. Acid blobs deals damage on hit, depending on the size of it, and then applies a slow and damage over time effect.

Unlike the acid applied from the Terminids, Acid Storms don't actually damage or affect Helldivers in any way except for the normal Rainstorm effect.

List of Terminids

List of Terminid Structures

Image Name
Terminid icon.png Terminid Nest
Stalker Lair OO Icon.svg Stalker Lair
Shrieker Nest OO Icon.svg Shrieker Nest
Spore Spewer OO Icon.svg Spore Spewer
Terminid Eggs.png Terminid Eggs
Mutated Eggs.png Mutated Terminid Eggs

Terminid Flora