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Tien Kwan is a Planet in Helldivers 2. It is one of six planets that reside within the Theseus Sector.

Tien Kwan is home to Morgunson Arsenal which produces Exosuit Technology - new, powerful weaponry that was slated for imminent fleetwide deployment before the Automatons captured the planet on the March 7th, 2024. Whilst the automatons did not immediately discover the arsenal, a major order was sent out by super earth high command to immediately recapture the planet before they did. Failure to do so would mean that the automatons will steal the exosuit technology for themselves, and deployment of the new EXO-45 Patriot exosuits by the super earth armed forces would be severely delayed.

The EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit is equipped with fourteen rockets and a mini-gun capable of holding a thousand ammunition. As of 7th of February 2024, some EXO-45 units can be found on this planet.

However thanks to the swift liberation of Tien Kwan by the Helldivers on March 8th, 2024, that outcome never came to pass. Instead the Morgunson Arsenal, and its stockpile of freshly-produced Exosuits, were recovered intact, with the EXO-45 Patriot becoming available for immediate requisition.


Tien Kwan is a cold planet, with a rocky, icy surface. It possesses very little flora, the majority of which is sparsely scattered dry bush and moss of a mostly dark green and gray color. Its terrain is extremely rough, and its open rocky plains are intersected by large impassable mountainous formations which make for difficult traversal. It possesses oceans, though its waterline is most often covered in stony shores and snow-covered dirt.

Its weather is consistently dark, with a greenish-gray fog looming continuously over its surface which reduces long-distance visibility. The planet is prone to random meteor showers.

Deep crevices filled with large amounts of water. Red/orange short plants scattered loosely over the ground. Gray/green/blue sky with darker lighting throughout.



The Tien Kwan system is assumed to be named after Tianguan, the brighter of the two stars that make up the binary star system, Zeta Tauri. It is located in the Taurus constellation. Tien Kwan is a planet that orbits Tien Kwan the star. Together, they make up the Tien Kwan system.