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Warbonds are sets of unlockable equipment in Helldivers 2. They provide additional content for the game through a tiered system, rewarding the player with in-game items for playing the game. Warbonds are permanent and will never disappear, so you can buy and progress through them whenever you want. The accepted currency in Warbonds are Medals. Warbonds are divided into unlockable pages and you have to spend a certain amount of Medals to advance further. Warbonds can be standard or premium. Standard Warbonds are free, while premium Warbonds have to be bought with Super Credits. An exception is Steeled Veterans, which are also included in the Super Citizen Edition.

List of Warbonds




Warbonds can include the following items:

Warbonds FAQ

The FAQ below is taken from the HELLDIVERS™ Official Discord.

Question Answer
Q. How do the Warbonds work? Is it a pay-to-win model? A. The goal with our Warbonds is to provide players with different gameplay experiences, but not unfair advantages when comparing the content. We designed Warbonds as an optional way to support Super Earth's war effort in the game and get access to additional gear for your Helldiver. Warbonds are unlocked with Super Credits, which can either be discovered at points of interest during missions or purchased through the in-game store. Once you own a Warbond, you can then use Medals you’ve been awarded in-game to unlock more content Warbonds are evergreen, so players are welcome to take their time in unlocking, and we'll be keeping things fresh with future updates containing new Warbonds to choose from.
Q. How often will new Warbonds be released? Can we preview the content in them? A. For right now, Warbonds will be released every second Thursday of the month. Every time a new Warbond is released, you will be able to preview the content, and the Warbonds will never disappear, so you can purchase them or not whenever you want to.
Q. If I only want one item from the Warbond, do I still have to pay to get that item? A. Yes, you must unlock the Warbond itself before you can spend medals on the items in it.
Q. Can you progress two Warbonds at the same time? A. Yes you can progress your Warbonds any way you choose. If you have 2 Warbonds unlocked you can spend your first 50 medals in Warbond 1 and then switch and spend 50 medals in Warbond 2.
Q. Can old Warbonds be purchased a year from now? A. Warbonds are evergreen, so players are welcome to take their time in unlocking, and we'll be keeping things fresh with future updates containing new Warbonds to choose from.
Q. Are all the items in the Warbond strictly cosmetic? A. No, Some of the items in Warbonds have passive effects attached to them.
Q. Will progressing through Warbonds separate me from other players? A. Nope! You will always be able to play all our content updates with other players who have only bought the base game. All other future updates, for example enemies, environments and missions will be free for everyone who's bought the base game.
Q. Will Warbonds contain stratagems? A. No. New stratagems will be added to the stratagem menu and be unlockable through in-game play. We may add them to Warbonds or SuperStore in the future.
Q. Can you still earn medals without an active Warbond? A. You will always earn medals, no matter if you have outstanding Warbonds, completed Warbonds or no Warbonds
Q. Is it possible to buy the DLC packs directly? Like buying a Warbond with money and not requiring you to buy the premium currency? A. You will not be able to buy the Warbonds directly with real money. You would need to purchase a pack of Super Credits and then buy the Warbond.
Q. Will all future Warbonds contain some amount of Super Credits? A. Right now, the Warbonds we have designed contain SC. However, not every future Warbond will contain Super Credits but a lot of them will, and the SC inclusion may depend on the theme and size of the Warbond.