Physical Conditions

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Physical Conditions are debuffs or buffs given to a Helldiver in Helldivers 2.

Types of Conditions

  • Right Arm Broken
    • Affects Grenade and stratagem throwing distance.[1]
    • Affects Accuracy
  • Left Arm Broken
    • Affects Accuracy
  • Left/Right Leg Broken
    • Slows you down
    • Disables Sprinting
  • Torso Injury
    • Causes bleeding, until you die.
  • Slowed
    • Caused by some foliage
    • Caused by barbed wire
    • Caused by EMS fields
  • Bleeding
    • Lose all stamina and blood until you die.
  • Drowning
    • Happens immediately when entering a deep enough body of water. Die within 4 seconds.
  • Burning
    • Take damage over time.
    • The act of diving removes burning. Not being flat on the ground, not entering water, simply the act of diving.