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This page contains all relevant information regarding anything that can be unlocked or bought with currency in Helldivers 2.


The superstore contains two armor sets, generally on a 2 day rotation. Body armors and helmets are bought separately and the prices can vary between 75 and 400 Super Credits.


Warbonds let you unlock new weapons and armor, cosmetics, and other items by spending medals.

Helldivers Mobilize Warbond

Helldivers Mobilize was released during the game's initial launch. It is available to all players at no additional cost and features 10 pages of content, in contrast to the three pages of Premium Warbonds. It requires 2,015 medals to complete.

Steeled Veterans Premium Warbond

Steeled Veterans was released during the game's initial launch. It is the first premium warbond, costing 1,000 Super Credits to unlock. Also included in the Super Citizen Edition. Five weapons are contained within. The Liberator Concussive, Breaker Incendiary, Dominator, Senator revolver, and Incendiary grenade. Three armors, all of which grants you Servo-Assisted, longer throwing range and improved limb health. It requires 686 medals to complete.

Cutting Edge Premium Warbond

Cutting Edge was released on 2024-03-14, and costs 1,000 Super Credits to unlock. Themed around electricity. It contains the Sickle, Punisher Plasma, Blitzer, a laser pistol, and Stun grenade. The armors grants you Electrical Conduit, a new passive which reduces arc damage taken. This warbond requires 672 medals to complete.

Democratic Detonation Premium Warbond

Democratic Detonation was released on 2024-04-11, and costs 1,000 Super Credits to unlock. Themed around explosives. It features the penetrative Adjudicator, explosive Eruptor, Crossbow and Grenade Pistol, and throwable Thermite. The armors come with pre-existing passives. This warbond requires 699 medals to complete.

Polar Patriots Premium Warbond

Polar Patriots was released on 2024-05-09, and costs 1,000 Super Credits to unlock. A chilly theme. Featuring the Tenderizer, Pummeler, Purifier, Verdict (sidearm), and Incendiary Impact grenade. The armors come with three different pre-existing passives. This warbond requires 669 medals to complete.

Viper Commandos Premium Warbond

Viper Commandos was released on 2024-06-13, and costs 1,000 Super Credits to unlock. Themed around jungle warfare. It features three weapons this time, the Liberator Carbine, shotgun secondary Bushwhacker, and Throwing Knife. Two armors, granting you Peak Physique, a new passive improving melee damage and weapon handling. Also new woodland patterns for your Hellpod, Exosuits, and Pelican. This warbond requires 679 medals to complete.

Super Destroyer Upgrades

The ship management console lets your unlock new Stratagems with Requisition Slips, and upgrade and unlock Ship Modules with Samples.