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Top Level page for Enemies in Helldivers 2.

The Terminids

The Terminids are a fast-spreading species that wreak havoc among the Super Earth Dominion.

Type Terminid Icon Terminid Description
Infantry Scavenger Scavenger Agile and scavenging Terminid, often found in packs.
Infantry Pouncer Pouncer A juvenile version of the Hunter.
Infantry Bile Spitter Bile Spitter A juvenile version of the Bile Spewer, but still deadly in its own way.
Infantry Warrior Warrior Terminid warrior capable of close-quarters combat.
Infantry Hive Guard Hive Guard A Terminid with frontal defenses.
Infantry Hunter Hunter Stealthy and agile Terminid, specialized in ambush tactics.
Commander Brood Commander Brood Commander Leadership-class Terminid capable of coordinating attacks and deploying reinforcements.
Special Stalker Stalker Terminid scout adept at reconnaissance and sabotage.
Special Shrieker Shrieker Flying terminids specialized in hit-and-run tactics.
Special Bile Spewer Bile Spewer Terminid with medium armor, capable of spewing corrosive bile over a wide area.
Special Nursing Spewer Nursing Spewer Terminid with light armor, capable of spewing corrosive bile over a wide area.
Heavy Charger Charger Fast-moving enemy specialized in charging attacks.
Heavy Bile Titan Bile Titan Massive Terminid with a potent bile attack and heavy armor.

The Automatons

The Automatons are ruthless, remorseless, Democracy-hating robots that thrive on killing Super Earth Civilians and are hell-bent on destroying everything that Super Earth has built.

Type Icon Enemy Name Description
Infantry Trooper Trooper Standard infantry unit armed with basic weaponry and light armor.
Commander Commissar Commissar Elite officer unit that boosts the morale of nearby allies and coordinates attacks.
Infantry Scout Strider Scout Strider Fast and nimble reconnaissance unit, capable of detecting enemy positions and weak spots.
Medium Infantry Berserker Berserker Frenzied melee unit that charges at enemies with reckless abandon.
Medium Infantry Devastator Devastator Heavy weapons specialist armed with devastating firepower, capable of suppressing enemy positions.
Special Gunship Enemy Icon.png Gunship Similar in design to the Dropship, the Gunship is an aerial scout machine that can detect and neutralize Helldivers.
Heavy Hulk Hulk Massive and heavily armored enemy, capable of absorbing tremendous amounts of damage.
Heavy Tank Tank Armored vehicle equipped with powerful weaponry, posing a significant threat on the battlefield.
Heavy Factory Strider Factory Strider Mobile Factory that can deploy Automatons in the field.
Support Dropship Dropship Aerial transport unit used for deploying reinforcements and providing fire support.

The Illuminate

There have been whispers that The Illuminate, an enemy faction from the first game, are coming to Helldivers 2.