Planets and Sectors

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As of 2184, the Milky Way Galaxy has been divided into 55 sectors around Super Earth, containing 262 planets of note. Each of these planets has a unique landscape and special quirks. The planets are documented to be affected by several different Planetary Effects. Super Earth used its unlimited resources and experimental tracking space probes to monitor the movements and behaviors of the enemy and have documented these findings under the code name, Supply Lines.

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Akira Sector

Alstrad Sector

Altus Sector

Andromeda Sector

Arturion Sector

Barnard Sector

Borgus Sector

Cancri Sector

Cantolus Sector

Celeste Sector

Draco Sector

Falstaff Sector

Farsight Sector

Ferris Sector

Gallux Sector

Gellert Sector

Gothmar Sector

Guang Sector

Hanzo Sector

Hawking Sector

Hydra Sector

Idun Sector

Iptus Sector

Jin Xi Sector

Kelvin Sector

Korpus Sector

L'estrade Sector

Lacaille Sector

Leo Sector

Marspira Sector

Meridian Sector

Mirin Sector

Morgon Sector

Nanos Sector

Omega Sector

Orion Sector

Quintus Sector

Rictus Sector

Rigel Sector

Sagan Sector

Saleria Sector

Severin Sector

Sol System

Sten Sector

Talus Sector

Tanis Sector

Tarragon Sector

Theseus Sector

Trigon Sector

Umlaut Sector

Ursa Sector

Valdis Sector

Xi Tauri Sector

Xzar Sector

Ymir Sector