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Example Major Order
Example of a major order

Major Orders (abbreviated as MOs) are game-wide overlapping objectives, which act as the main goal(s) in Helldivers 2. Due to the large scale of these orders, a majority of the Helldivers community must participate in it to progress and complete them. As time progresses, they contribute to the events of the Second Galactic War.

Due to the game's dynamic nature, Major Orders can have various consequences for the Galactic War, depending on whether they are completed or failed within the given timeframe.

When completing Major Orders, players are typically rewarded with requisition slips or medals, however depending on the MO, they can also unlock new equipment and Stratagems.

Major Orders Timeline

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February 2024

Galactic Frontier February 2024
Galactic Frontier February 2024
February 2024
Operation Valiant Enclosure: Phase I
Faction Terminid icon.png Terminids
Reward Requisition Slip.svg 10000 Requisition
Briefing Freedom is under attack. The Terminid outbreak threatens to spread out of control, and probability of child eviscerations is at an all-time high. In response, our scientists have developed the Terminid Control System: a planet-wide bug extermination network. The TCS will be constructed on an unbroken line of Barrier Planets, quarantining the bugs behind them. The worlds leading to the Barrier Planets are crawling with Terminids. This Infestation must be cleansed.
Overview The bugs are out of control. They must be pushed back to the Barrier Planets, where the Terminid Control System will be built. Liberate all planets between Super Earth and the Barrier Planets: Heeth and Angel's Venture.
Outcome SUCCESS.
Automaton Attack
Faction Automaton icon.png Automatons
Reward Requisition Slip.svg 12500 Requisition
Briefing The Automatons have launched cowardly surprise attacks on multiple highly-populated Super Earth planets. The Super Earth Armed Forces in the region have been overrun. Million of citizens are in grave danger of death, or disenfranchisement. This grievous attack on Freedom will not go unanswered. The homes of our citizens must be defended.
Overview The Automatons have launched a cowardly surprise attack against our innocent civilian populations. Their homes must be defended. Win at least 8 Defend Campaigns against the Automatons.
Outcome FAILURE.
Defense of Draupnir and Mantes
Faction Automaton icon.png Automatons
Reward Requisition Slip.svg 12500 Requisition
Briefing Intercepted messages indicate bot plans for a significant push. Increased resistance on Automaton planets is anticipated.
Overview Defend Draupnir and Mantes
Outcome FAILURE. Despite the valorous efforts of the Helldivers, Automaton marauders have invaded Super Earth territory. Patriotic citizens mourn as their sufficiently-sized homes burn to the ground. Super Earth citizens demand justice, and they will receive it. But for now, the Terminid Control System is ready for activation.
Operation Valiant Enclosure: Phase II
Faction Terminid icon.png Terminids
Reward Medal.svg 45 Medals
Briefing Terminid spores have engulfed Heeth and Angel's Venture, spawning hordes of Terminids that overwhelmed our colonial militias. Clearly, the bug hive instinct oriented their mindless expansion towards dishonoring the memory of those who fought to free these planets. Countless Helldivers paid for these lands with their lives. We cannot lose them now.
Overview The Terminids are swarming Super Earth planets. Designated planets must be under Super Earth Control when order expires: Heeth, Angel's Venture
Outcome SUCCESS.

March 2024

Galactic Frontier March 2024
Galactic Frontier March 2024
March 2024
Liberation of Veld
Faction Terminid icon.png Terminids
Reward Medal.svg 45 Medals
Briefing Contain the Terminid outbreak, before the bugs are able to spread further.
Overview Liberate Veld
Events Free Eagle Napalm Strike stratagem for a limited time.
Outcome SUCCESS. Well done, Helldivers. SEAF Containment Teams will take over cleanup and inoculation operations from here. Colonists have been advised that there is absolutely zero threat of further Terminid violence, and to settle their families with total peace of mind. Additionally, the pilots allocated to spore clearance on Veld have now been redirected to Helldiver support operations.
Liberation of Tien Kwan
Faction Automaton icon.png Automatons
Reward Medal.svg 50 Medals
Briefing Tien Kwan is home to the sole arsenal of new Exosuit technology. It is only a matter of time before the Automatons discover the arsenal and steal it for themselves. Liberate Tien Kwan, before it is too late.
Overview Secure the new line of combat Exosuits by liberating the planet where the production facilities are located. Liberate Tien Kwan
Events AUTOMATON COUNTER-ATTACK - Intercepted messages indicate bot plans for a significant push. Increased resistance on Automaton planets is anticipated
Outcome SUCCESS. Well done, Helldivers. Tien Kwan has been returned to the care of Managed Democracy. The Morgunson Arsenal, and its stockpile of freshly-produced Exosuits, were recovered intact. The EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit is now available for requisition.
Notes Introduced new stratagem upon success: EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit.
Operation Valiant Enclosure: Phase III
Faction Terminid icon.png Terminids
Reward Medal.svg 50 Medals
Briefing Upon each Barrier Planet now stands a network of massive, Termicide-dispensing towers: the Terminid Control System. Once activated, the TCS will exterminate every Terminid on that planet, and inoculate it against all future infestations. However, surges in Terminid activity have forced the SEAF Engineers to evacuate. Now, only Helldivers can ensure the safety of our citizens. The Terminid Control System must be activated—at any cost.
Overview Termicide-dispensing towers have been built all over every Barrier Planet. They need only to be activated to quarantine the bugs for good. Activate the Terminid Control System on the Barrier Planets: Erata Prime, Fenrir III, Meridia, Turing
Events FENRIR III SECURED - The Terminid System is now fully activated on Fenrir III

TURING SECURED - The Terminid System is now fully activated on Turing

BREAKING NEWS - The TCS has been fully activated on half of the barrier planets

HEETH DEFENDED - After countless noble and unavoidable sacrifices, Heeth has been defended from the Terminids

MERIDIA SECURED - The Terminid System is now fully activated on Meridia

ERATA PRIME SECURED - The Terminid System is now fully activated on Erata Prime

Outcome SUCCESS. The Terminid Control System is fully activated. The Termicide is working as intended, culling millions of Terminids on the Barrier Planets. Our citizens may finally rest easy, knowing their children are forever safe from being eaten alive by fascist insects.
Notes Introduced event-exclusive mission type: Activate Terminid Control System. New enemy type introduced after completion: Shrieker.
Liberation of Zagon Prime and Fori Prime
Faction Terminid icon.png Terminids
Reward Medal.svg 35 Medals
Briefing In support of civilian population expansion and new energy demands for FTL travel, the Helldivers are ordered to cull the Terminid swarm within the Quarantine Zone through liberation of several planets.
Overview With the TCS securing our citizens' lives, now we can secure their economic future, by culling the Terminid population and harvesting the E-710 they provide. Liberate Zagon Prime and Fori Prime.
Events INTELLIGENCE BRIEF - A new strain of flying Terminids has suddenly appeared, with no prior warning or indication of any kind. While the Ministry of Intelligence has always know this was a possibility, the abruptness of the evolution indicates a high possibility of dissident concealment. The deployment of Termicide was fortuitously timed-doubtlessly, it averted an even worse evolution. Helldivers are advised to exterminate these mutations whenever encountered.
Outcome FAILURE. Though many Terminids have been mercifully culled, the Helldivers were unable to penetrate as far inside the Quarantine Zone as ordered. The expansion of our citizens to new planets will be reduced in line with the reduction of expected Element 710 to be produced. Further procreation applications will be denied until further notice.
Protection of Biomass Collection Teams
Faction Terminid icon.png Terminids
Reward Medal.svg 35 Medals
Briefing Civilian Biomass Collection Teams (BCTs) are gathering and processing inert Terminids. The Helldivers must maintain our control of the planets until these operations are complete.
Overview Designated planets must be under Super Earth control when order expires. Fori Prime, Estanu, Crimsica, Hellmire
Events Terminid Surge - Ministry of Science reports an unanticipated spike in Terminid spore counts. Expect a severe increase in resistance on Terminid planets.
Cybersecurity Update - A recent systems security breach has resulted in Galactic War tables displaying inaccurate information. The breach has been addressed, and all systems have been returned to normal operation. Any discrepancies are to be considered the result of dissident misinformation. Rest assured that the parties responsible have been identified, arrested, tried, and executed.
Outcome SUCCESS. The last of the crude solid E-710 has been collected, processed, and shipped off-planet, providing a healthy boost to our colony settlement efforts. The planets can now be left behind to allow the Terminids to repopulate—under careful supervision.
Operation Swift Disassembly, Phase I: Disrupt Communications
Faction Automaton icon.png Automatons
Reward Medal.svg 50 Medals
Briefing Interrogators have extracted alarming information from captured bots, through use of Unpleasant Sensory Experience Simulations. The Automatons are planning something called "The Reclamation," which appears to be a massive invasion of unprecedented scale. Further details are scarce. In response, High Command has authorized OPERATION SWIFT DISASSEMBLY. The objective: eradicate the Automatons entirely. It will consist of several phases, each critical to overall success. PHASE I: Disrupt Communications. We have identified a long-range communications array deep in Automaton space. Its capture may reveal critical intelligence about the enemy's plans.
Overview We have discovered Automaton plans for something called "The Reclamation." Capturing their deep-space comms array on Troost may reveal critical intel about their plans. Liberate Troost.
Events Arsenal Expansion Notice - In order to support the destruction of the Automatons, the Ministry of Defense has fast-tracked new support weapons for immediate distribution. The LAS-99 Quasar Cannon and MG-101 Heavy Machine Gun are now available for requisition.
Outcome SUCCESS. The Automaton Comms Array on Troost has been decommissioned. Strangely, it appears to have been broadcasting outside the Galactic Frontier. Analysts are working to determine more, but much data was already deleted. However, we did discover a transmission containing blueprints for a new Automaton type: aerial gunships. With this advance warning, our hardworking factory laborers have been instructed to accelerate production of our most effective anti-air weaponry.
Notes Introduced new stratagems: LAS-99 Quasar Cannon and MG-206 Heavy Machine Gun.
Operation Swift Disassembly, Phase II: Reduce Non-Sentient Combatant Production
Faction Automaton icon.png Automatons
Reward Medal.svg 45 Medals
Briefing Intel analysis have identified the planet Tibit as the most significant producer of illegal Automaton combatants. Liberating this planet would significantly impact the enemy's capacity to replenish decommissioned socialists. It would also limit further theft of the planet's natural resources from future generations of inarguably sentient humans.
Overview We have identified the most significant source of Automaton combatant production. Liberation of this planet will severely impact the enemy's force replenishment capacity. Liberate Tibit.
Events Automaton Counterattack - Intercepted messages indicate bot plans for a significant push. Increased resistance on Automaton planets is anticipated.
Outcome FAILURE. The Automatons have retained Tibit, and its manufacturing facilities. Reports indicate they have already begun increasing production elsewhere. Intercepted bot chatter includes expressions of great sorrow for the "murder" of in-development bots—a transparent attempt at disinformation, as bots can neither feel nor be considered alive. However, the simulated oaths of vengeance may indicate actual strategic intent. A counteroffensive is likely.

April 2024

Galactic Frontier April 2024
Galactic Frontier April 2024
April 2024
Liberation of Malevelon Creek
Faction Automaton icon.png Automatons
Reward Medal.svg 35 Medals
Briefing Several weeks ago, our citizens watched in horror as Malevelon Creek fell to the Automatons. Millions of valiant heroes perished attempting to defend it. For too long, the bots have maintained their illegal occupation, desecrating the memory of the fallen by rapidly depleting the planet's exceptionally rich rhodium deposits. This travesty will be allowed to continue no longer. Take vengeance for the fallen. Honor our heroes. End the theft of valuable minerals. Liberate Malevelon Creek.
Overview The Automatons have illegally occupied and mined Malevelon Creek for too long. The time has come to take it back. Liberate Malevelon Creek.
Events PRESIDENTIAL DECREE - The President of Super Earth has officially recognized this day as Malevelon Creek Memorial Day. Every year on this day, Super Earth citizens will unite for a full 3 minutes of their lunch break in solemn remembrance of those who gave their lives to free Malevelon Creek. In addition, all Helldivers have been issued a special commemorative cape, so they may carry the memory of their fallen companions into battle.
Outcome SUCCESS. At long last, Malevelon Creek is free. The heroes who died in its defense can finally rest in peace, knowing justice has been served, and the planet's rhodium deposits will be mined by the citizens who rightfully own them. Colonists are returning to the ruins of their settlements, pickaxes in hand, hopeful for a prosperous future. For at last, dawn breaks upon a free Creek.
Notes In honor of the liberation and the immense narrative that players have created around this planet, April 3rd has been decreed as Malevelon Creek Memorial Day.
Operation Swift Disassembly, Phase III: Hold Ground
Faction Automaton icon.png Automatons
Reward Medal.svg 40 Medals
Briefing The Automatons, clearly having calculated their impending shutdown, have put their remaining resources into a large-scale counterattack. Desperate as it is, should this re-invasion succeed, it may jeopardize our ability to destroy the bots in time to prevent their incoming invasion. Hold your ground.
Overview Designated planets must be under Super Earth control when order expires. Malevelon Creek, Ubanea, Draupnir
Outcome SUCCESS. The Automaton counterattack has been repelled. They no longer have the resources to sustain an offensive on such a scale. While the timeline of their phaseout has been extended, it remains within reach.
Notes Introduced new enemy units: Gunship and Factory Strider.
Operation Swift Disassembly, Phase IV: Annihilation
Faction Automaton icon.png Automatons
Reward Medal.svg 50 Medals
Briefing The Automatons have been a thorn in the side of Freedom long enough. Though the Ministry of Intelligence has not yet discovered where they came from, or what they want, we can wait no longer. There is only one sure way to defend our citizens from the bots: total eradication. All Helldivers are ordered to make an all-out push to completely destroy the Automaton Legion. Despite the enemy's losses, Automaton messages still include references to "The Reclamation." They must be annihilated before this plan can be carried out. Countless Helldivers gave their lives to acquire this opportunity. Do not let their sacrifices be in vain. Protect our way of life. Destroy the Automatons at any cost.
Overview All Helldivers are ordered to make an all-out push to completely destroy the Automaton Legion. Liberate all Automaton-held planets. Tibit, Durgen, Maia
Events TIBIT LIBERATED - The factories on Tibit have been destroyed. Now, the enemy will be forced to distribute their forces more thinly, lowering their planetary resistance. The Automatons are beginning to crumble. Keep up the attack.
Dispatches MOTIVATIONAL REINFORCEMENT — The Automatons are lifeless, emotionless, hateful socialists. They murdered innocent families. They ravaged Malevelon Creek. Worst of all, they threatened our way of life. All without any provocation or cause save a hard-coded hatred of Freedom. Save our citizens. Save Managed Democracy. Annihilate the Automaton threat, once and for all.
Outcome SUCCESS. The Automaton threat has been fully eradicated from our galaxy. Our citizens are safe, our heroic fallen avenged. With the bots eradicated and the bugs contained, the galaxy is free once more. The supposed threat posed by the so-called "Reclamation" can be considered fully ended. Out of an abundance of caution, SEAF teams will continue to search what remains of the Automaton facilities and servers for any additional intelligence.
Notes After the order, the Automatons no longer own any planets.
Safe E-710 Farm Construction
Faction Terminid icon.png Terminids
Reward Medal.svg 35 Medals
Briefing With the Automatons eradicated and Terminids contained, the time has come to work towards a more prosperous future for all citizens. To that end, construction of new, safer, and more efficient E-710 farms will soon commence. On these farms, Terminids will be raised in spacious enclosures and enriched with state-of-the-art nutritional supplements, all under careful supervision. Clear the way for the safe construction of the E-710 farms.
Overview Clear the way for the construction of new, safer, and more efficient E-710 farms. Liberate the designated planets: Hellmire, Estanu, Crimsica
Outcome SUCCESS. With the planet cleared, laborers have broken ground on the first of many Terminid Enrichment & Extraction Centers. New security measures, E-710 extraction procedures, and accelerated growth additives will be tested and perfected, laying the groundwork for development across the rest of the Terminid Quarantine Zone. Thanks to the Helldivers, the future of humanity is bright. Procreation applications will now be considered for approval, following the typical 180-day review process.
The Reclamation
Faction Automaton icon.png Automatons
Reward Medal.svg 45 Medals
Briefing HIGH PRIORITY BROADCAST. ALL UNITS TO LIBCON 1. FEDERATION UNDER ATTACK. MULTIPLE PLANETS HAVE FALLEN. A massive Automaton Invasion Fleet, comprising tens of thousands of warships, arrived from FTL jump to the Valdis Sector and overran nearly every planet in just hours. Attacks on communications networks delayed warning until now. SEAF reserves are scrambling. All Helldivers are called to deploy immediately to the defense. This Fleet dwarfs the Automaton armies destroyed in Operation Swift Disassembly. As we predicted from the start, they were merely a vanguard. This is the Automatons' true force. Where the Automatons hid this fleet, and what their true intentions are—those questions must be answered later. The Reclamation has begun.
Overview The Automatons have revealed their true force: a massive invasion fleet sweeping through our territory. Defenses are scrambling. Slow its advance as much as possible. Succeed in the Defense of at least 5 planets.
Dispatches SUPER DESTROYER FLEET UPGRADE. In response to increased enemy threat, Helldivers are now authorized to requisition Level 4 Modules for all Super Destroyer systems. Like previous upgrades, the Level 4 Suite significantly upgrades the Super Destroyer with cutting-edge technology, provided by defense contractors who are galactic leaders in quality and safety. These critical upgrades will be installed without delay upon submission of the requisite number of samples, proof of commitment to furthering the cause of Liberty.
Outcome FAILURE. The Automatons have seized control of many innocent and once-beautiful worlds. The valiant and tireless defense raised by the Helldivers was commendable, but it was not enough to stop such a large and cowardly assault. Any colonists not driven from their homes were likely slaughtered, their votes forever lost.
Notes The Automatons are reintroduced to the game. Introduced new mission type: Evacuate High-Value Assets. Introduced Super Destroyer Fleet Upgrade in response to the Automaton invasion which provided level four upgrades for Ship Modules.
Halt the Automaton Advance
Faction Automaton icon.png Automatons
Reward Medal.svg 55 Medals
Briefing We must halt the Automaton advance. Helldivers are ordered to establish and hold the Menkent Line, consisting of the planets Menkent and Lesath. Establishing this defensive line will allow SEAF Engineers to begin construction of orbital defenses on those planets, deterring the advance of the Automaton Fleet and allowing counteroffensive preparations to begin.
Overview The Automaton advance must be halted. Establish and hold the Menkent line to allow establishment of orbital defenses. Designated planets must be under Super Earth control when the order expires: Menkent and Lesath
Outcome SUCCESS. The defense held. The Menkent Line has been established. The Automaton advance has been arrested. Rudimentary orbital defenses have been established along the line, and are being augmented by hardworking SEAF and civilian laborers. Meanwhile, the SEAF Forward Command Base on Vernen Wells is up and running, providing fresh recruits and supplies to the front.
Defense of Marfark
Faction Automaton icon.png Automatons
Reward Medal.svg 35 Medals
Briefing With the Menkent Line established, the Automaton Fleet has been forced to divert their plans. Now, they are attempting a concerted effort to punch through at a single planet. The Automatons are likely to muster the entirety of their strength for this endeavor. You must outlast the enemy. Hold the planet, no matter the cost.
Overview The Automatons are attempting to punch through the line at a single planet. Hold it at all costs. Designated planets must be under Super Earth control when order expires: Marfark
Dispatches INTELLIGENCE BRIEF - The Automatons have deployed a new heavy unit: the Factory Strider. Previously deployed in very limited quantities, likely prototypes, this massive abomination is a walking Automaton fabricator. It is heavily armed and armored, and should be engaged with coordinated firepower and unhesitating aggression.
Outcome SUCCESS. The Automaton Invasion Fleet has been repelled. The bots committed much of their reserves to this attack. Even the large-scale deployment of the Factory Strider could not break the resolve of the Helldivers. The situation remains dire. The Automatons still illegally occupy vast swaths of our territory. But with this victory, the Helldivers have won the opportunity to turn back the tide.
Notes Reintroduced the Factory Strider enemy unit to the game.
Gathering E-710
Faction Terminid icon.png Terminids
Reward Medal.svg 45 Medals
Briefing Thanks to the valiant and unceasing defense of the Helldivers, a robust defensive line has been established. This is likely only a temporary respite, while the bots refit in preparation to break through our defenses once more. We now have the opportunity to refuel our war effort. The defense effort depleted our E-710 reserves. In order to allow for a counter-offensive, the Helldivers are ordered to manually produce Terminid corpses for conversion into E-710.
Overview The Automaton invasion has slowed, thanks to valiant defence efforts. We must take this chance to refill our E-710 reserves in order to stage a counter-offensive. Kill 2,000,000,000 Terminids.
Dispatches In further proof of their elite training and irreplaceable value, the Helldivers reached the target set for Terminid production far faster than anticipated. While additional destruction of Liberty's enemies is always beneficial, E-710 refinement pipelines are full at the present time. However, there will be ample opportunities for additional biomass production in the future.
Outcome SUCCESS. Valiant work, Helldivers. Thanks to your noble efforts, millions of tons of Terminid biomass has been rendered safe for collection, and is being processed into Element 710 as we speak. This surplus of fuel will enable the transport of weapons, equipment, and personnel to the frontlines of the Automaton fight. We now have the logistical means to enable and sustain an effective counter-offensive against the Automatons. Soon, we will take back lands they stole.
Notes First major order with the "Kill X enemies" type.
Defense on Two Fronts
Faction Automaton icon.png Automatons Terminid icon.png Terminids
Reward Medal.svg 50 Medals
Briefing Freedom is under attack once more. In an act of sinister syncronicity, both the Terminids and Automatons have launched large-scale assaults. The Helldivers must now defend our citizens on two fronts at once.
Overview Both the Terminids and Automatons are attacking. Defend our territory on both fronts. Succeed in the Defense of at least 10 planets.
Outcome SUCCESS. Freedom has overcome oppression once more. Even the combined might of the Terminids and the Automatons was no match for the fierce and obedient resistance of the Helldivers. Though some ground was lost, our enemies are exhausted, their assault broken upon the immovable shield wall of the Helldivers. The fight is far from over, but the light of Liberty shines bright over the worlds of the Federation today.
Operation Legitimate Undertaking, Phase I: Citizen Rescue
Faction Automaton icon.png Automatons
Reward Medal.svg 45 Medals
Briefing Intel has identified surviving citizens on two planets: On Choohe, citizens who have proved their loyalty through testing of a new Fortification Stratagem are trapped. On Penta, citizens who have synthesized tons of caustic chemicals for a new Support Weapon Stratagem are awaiting rescue. Likely, only the citizens and weaponry of the first planet liberated will be saved.
Overview Brave surviving citizens on Choohe and Penta may still be saved, along with the weaponry they have continued to develop. Only the first planet to be liberated is likely to still have any surviving personnel or equipment. Choose Democratically. Liberate Choohe or Penta.
Events The RL-77 AIRBURST ROCKET LAUNCHER stratagem is temporarily available to all Helldivers fighting on Penta. The MD-17 ANTI-TANK MINES stratagem is temporarily available to all Helldivers fighting on Choohe.
PENTA LIBERATED - 90% of Penta's chemical factories have been secured. Fleetwide distribution of Airburst Rocket Launchers can now commence. Most of the chemical technicians who had been trapped on the planet were rescued. Tragically though, some had already perished by the time we reached them, having succumbed to toxic fume poisoning. The Automatons show no hesitation in the use of chemical warfare against civilians. The sacrifice of these heroes will never be forgotten.
Outcome FAILURE. The Automatons, in their calculated oppression and hardwired avarice, have stymied our valiant efforts to liberate Choohe. The loss of the indispensable explosives on the planet will mean significant delays to the production of Anti-Tank Mines. The explosive technicians on Choohe have almost certainly been torn to pieces by the vicious blades of the Automatons. All will agree that every possible resource was directed towards their salvation. Their sacrifice is hereby honored.
Notes First major order to include a choice between unlocking two exclusive stratagems. The RL-77 AIRBURST ROCKET LAUNCHER has become permanently available after the liberation of Penta.
Deactivate the Terminid Control System
Faction Terminid icon.png Terminids
Reward Medal.svg 50 Medals
Briefing HIGH PRIORITY BROADCAST, OP. LEGITIMATE UNDERTAKING TERMINATED. EMERGENCY SITUATION IN TERMINID QUARANTINE ZONE. Several weeks ago, the Helldivers activated the Terminid Control System on the Barrier Planets: Erata Prime, Fenrir III, Meridia, & Turing. Since then, the Termicide produced by the TCS has kept the Terminids at bay. However, the TCS is no longer functioning as intended: Terminid outbreaks have erupted on all Barrier Planets. The bugs are displaying resistance to Termicide, something our top scientists previously believed impossible. The situation on Meridia is even worse. There, Terminid reproduction rates have exploded overnight, and continue to increase exponentially. The planet is already almost fully infested. While the exact mechanism for this hyper-reproductive adaptation is unknown it appears to be linked to continued Termicide exposure. So far, this effect is limited to Meridia. It cannot be allowed to spread. Operation Legitimate Undertaking has been placed on indefinite hiatus. Meridia is unsalvageable. The Helldivers are ordered to deactivate the Terminid Control System on the remaining Barrier Planets immediately.
Overview Termicide exposure has been linked to a hyper-reproductive adaptation causing massive bug outbreaks. Meridia is already lost, but the remaining Barrier Planets can still be saved. Deactivate the Terminid Control System on Erata Prime, Fenrir III, and Turing.
Outcome SUCCESS. Further calamity has been averted, thanks to the swift and disciplined response of the Helldivers to deactivate the remaining Terminid Control System nodes. With further Termicide dispersement arrested, the remaining Barrier Planets are safe from suffering Meridia's fate. The cause of the TCS failure has been identified. The Termicide functioned as expected, killing nearly 100% of all Terminids (and 0% of absolutely any other biological life). However, for the small fraction of the Terminids that survived, exposure to non-lethal doses of Termicide eventually caused beneficial changes to gene expression, in a completely unprecedented process known as hormesis. On most Barrier Planets, this adaptation was limited to increased Termicide resistance. But on Meridia, non-lethal Termicide exposure caused higher reproduction rates and reduced generation time. Continued exposure to Termicide is perpetuating this effect. The planet is now infested to a degree nearly comparable with the Terminid home planet, and scientists have classified Meridia as a "Supercolony." The infestation is so severe that conventional Helldiver operations on the planet would be ineffective. The Ministry of Science is hard at work on a solution. In the meantime, the Meridian Supercolony is likely to accelerate the spread of the Terminids in unforeseeable ways. Rest assured, the reckless scientists responsible for creating the Termicide are being thoroughly investigated. With the TCS inoperable and this new Supercolony active, the Terminids are now a greater threat than ever before.
Notes Introduced event-specific mission type: Deactivate Terminid Control System. Meridia is manually locked from play, and has had its biome changed to Supercolony.

May 2024

Galactic Frontier May 2024
Galactic Frontier May 2024
May 2024
Contain Supercolony Outbreaks
Faction Terminid icon.png Terminids
Reward Medal.svg 40 Medals
Briefing The Terminid threat continues to evolve. Massive bug outbreaks have suddenly erupted on multiple planets. The spores that caused these outbreaks originated from the Meridian Supercolony. This is a new manifestation of Termicide-induced adaptation: the Supercolony appears to be producing far more spores than other infested planets, leading to unpredictable outbreaks within its vicinity. The Supercolony is too thoroughly infested for any conventional operations there to have any effect. Our top scientists are researching effective countermeasures. For now, the Helldivers must be contain these outbreaks immediately, before they spread out of control. [sic]
Overview The Supercolony has caused sudden outbreaks on multiple planets. They must be contained immediately. Liberate all designated planets: Heeth, Angel's Venture, Veld, Acamar IV.
Outcome FAILURE. We have failed to contain all of the outbreaks from the Meridian Supercolony. Terminids now infest more of our planets, spawning yet more agents of tyranny. Evacuation orders have been issued for all nearby planets. Citizens flee their homes, with only their clothes and family flags. This is unlikely to be the last of these outbreaks. They must be contained until the Ministry of Science finds a way to combat the Supercolony. Until then, our citizens will live in constant jeopardy.
Decommission Automatons for Mines
Faction Automaton icon.png Automatons
Reward Medal.svg 45 Medals
Briefing Following the tragic, unavoidable loss of MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines on Choohe to the Automatons, and the civilians too, production began elsewhere immediately. However, output has been restricted due to shortages of necessary materials. The Automatons stole precious minerals from us, and churned these stolen resources into new soldiers and war machines. We must recoup these losses. The Helldivers are ordered to conduct a forceful, large-scale decommissioning of Automaton forces. The recovered scrap of dismantled bots will then be put towards construction of MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines.
Overview Decommission the targeted number of Automatons, to be melted down and reconstructed into a new Stratagem: MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines. Decommission the targeted number of Automatons. 2,000,000,000.
Dispatches CONTRACTOR MESSAGE - The following is a message from Battlefield Systems, a contracted defense service: "Battlefield Systems regrets to inform all Helldivers that a software issue has resulted in duplicate reporting of enemies killed during a previous Major Order. The issue has since been resolved. Users should anticipate longer times to reach target numbers of enemies to kill or dismantle. With this issue resolved, rest assured that battlefield tracking will now return to perfect functioning."
Outcome FAILURE. Despite the best efforts of the Helldivers to decommission as many Automatons as possible, our scrap recollection efforts ultimately fell short. Now, industrious laborers, eager to do their part, find themselves without materials to forge into the tools of Liberty. And therefore, without purpose or pay. Construction of MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines will be, once again, delayed. Eventually, these weapons will reach the hands of the Helldivers, and the bodies of our enemies. But not today.
Notes MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines are delayed for the second time.
Hold Planets for SEAF Conscription
Faction Automaton icon.png Automatons Terminid icon.png Terminids
Reward Medal.svg 45 Medals
Briefing The Automatons have invaded large swaths of our territory. The TCS has failed, and the Meridian Supercolony spews ever-larger quantities of Terminids across the galaxy. Liberty is under greater threat than ever before. In response to this situation, the Government of Super Earth had officially declared war on all agents of Tyranny. All actions thus far have merely been special military operations. This Galactic War on Tyranny will not end until Liberty is safe forever, once again. Mobilization across all sectors of the industry and economy has begun. Billions of able-bodied citizens from across the Federation have already volunteered for conscription. To train these eager new conscripts, construction of massive new training facilities has begun on a small number of lightly-populated planets. They will be capable of processing tens of millions of citizens at once through the rigorous 72-hour SEAF basic training course. The Helldivers must hold the planets until construction of the facilities can be completed.
Overview Massive SEAF training facilities are being erected on key planets to support training of eager conscripts. Hold the planets until construction is complete. Designated planets must be under Super Earth control when order expires. Aesir Pass, Vernen Wells, Heeth, Angel's Venture
Outcome SUCCESS. The freshly-constructed SEAF Basic Training Facilities are up and running, thanks to the tireless defensive operations of the Helldivers. The first class of recruits has already graduated, having demonstrated superior proficiency in rifle operation, mobility, and obedience. Now, trained and ready, they are headed to the front lines to do their part in the defense of Freedom. So long as the the Training Facilities remain under Super Earth control, SEAF support to planetary liberation will be augmented by a steady flow of enthusiastic new recruits. If they are lost, however, SEAF support will decrease, and subsequent planetary liberation will become more difficult.
Notes Liberation progress rates were boosted upon Major Order completion.
Kill and Dismantle Freedom's Enemies
Faction Automaton icon.png Automatons Terminid icon.png Terminids
Reward Medal.svg 50 Medals
Briefing Across the Federation, patriotic citizens are doing their part for the war effort. Young, old, and previously-infirm citizens are filling the gaps on munitions lines left by those who excitedly and voluntarily reported for front-line duty. The fervent faith of Super Earth citizens for the war effort deserves to be rewarded—viscerally. To that end, the Helldivers are ordered to demonstrate the unassailable might of a united citizenry by destroying even greater numbers of our enemies than ever before. Terminids or Automatons, our citizens deserve to witness the fruits of their patriotic labor, in the lifeless bodies of Freedom's foes.
Overview In order to further inspire the hard work of our patriotic citizens to support the war effort, demonstrate the glorious lethality of the Helldivers. Kill or dismantle the targeted number of Freedom's enemies. 3,141,592,653.
Outcome FAILURE. Huge quantities of Terminids and Automatons have been righteously terminated by the valiant Helldivers. But unfortunately, the death toll was not extreme enough to significantly stoke the pro-war enthusiasm of the already unquestionably patriotic citizens of Super Earth. That even such a massive demonstration of military capability failed to sway our citizens is a testament to both the pre-existing heights of their loyalty and the incredible prowess they have come to expect from the elite Helldivers. Though this effort has not yielded the results we had hoped, the citizens of Super Earth will continue to support the war effort with unquestionable unity and grim determination, yearning for a more hopeful future.
Liberate Automaton Petafactory on Varylia 5
Faction Automaton icon.png Automatons
Reward Medal.svg 50 Medals
Briefing Surveillance satellite "Security" has acquired imagery of a massive Automaton factory on the planet Varylia 5. Structural analysis indicates a clear resemblance to the famed Morgunson Arsenal on Tien Kwan. Clearly, this is a crude attempt at replicating the quality craftsmanship of that facility. But this Automaton "Petafactory," as enemy transmissions call it, is merely an abberant imitation. Its only purpose is to mass-produce weapons of war, in order to further the Automatons' totalitarian agenda. Its worker drones are forced to labor nonstop, and the environmental impacts are devastating. However, this un-Democratic abomination may yet be turned to an instrument of Freedom. With low-cost alterations, the Petafactory could be retrofitted to allow the construction of a dual-autocannon Exosuit variant: the EXO-49 EMANCIPATOR EXOSUIT. The Helldivers are ordered to liberate Varylia 5 immediately—before it becomes to despotic to salvage.
Overview Liberate the despicable Automaton Petafactory on Varylia 5 so it may be converted into an EXO-49 EMANCIPATOR EXOSUIT factory. Liberate the designated planet. Varylia 5.
Events BATTLEFRONT UPDATE - Fresh intel warns of an increased level of Automaton resistance, likely a last-ditch effort to forestall their inevitable defeat. Press even harder!

INTEL BRIEF - Spore activity on the Meridian Supercolony has sharply increased.Sudden Terminid outbreaks on previously-safe planets may increase in frequency as a result

STRATEGIC GUIDANCE - The Terminids are attacking Angel´s Venture. If they succeed, the valuable, newly-constructed SEAF Training Facility on the planet will be destroyed, which will significantly decrease the capability of the SEAF to aid in galactic defense. Super Earth High Command recommends prioritizing the defense of Angel´s Venture

STRATEGIC UPDATE - Automaton resistance has faltered, no doubt due to the stalwart and unrelenting pressure applied by the valiant Helldivers. Maintain the offensive: liberate the Petafactory on Varylia 5

ANGEL'S VENTURE DEFENDED - Thanks to the selfless valour of the Helldivers, the citizens of Angel's Venture are safe from the Terminid Menace.

Outcome SUCCESS. The Automaton Petafactory on Varylia 5 has been liberated by the Helldivers. Industrious, well-compensated human engineers are now hard at work retrofitting the Petafactory to create the double-autocannon-equipped EXO-49 EMANCIPATOR EXOSUIT. Like its predecessor, Emancipator is an undeniable example of quality craftmanship. The conditions discovered at the Automaton Petafactory were even worse than expected. It was densely packed with millions of assembly drones, algorithmically compelled to construct socialist weaponry without rest or repair. Of course, these drones, like all Automatons, possessed only a crude imitation of sapience. But their willingness to enslave their own metallic brethren is indisputable evidence of their utter inhumanity. This reversal is a stunning victory for the Helldivers, and for all Super Earth citizens. Even the unrelenting assault from both Automatons and Terminids cannot quell the defiant hearts of Liberty's faithful. Today the Petafactory; tomorrow the galaxy.
Notes The EXO-49 Emancipator Exosuit was unlocked upon major order completion.
Operation "Enduring Peace" - Phase I
Faction Terminid icon.png Terminids
Reward Medal.svg 40 Medals
Briefing The time has come to address the Terminid Supercolony on Meridia. Using an experimental substance weaponized by our top scientific minds, the Helldivers will conduct a targeted strike to permanently end the threat posed by the Supercolony. Super Earth's top scientific minds have been gathered on Moradesh to weaponize a highly classified, experimental substance known as Dark Fluid. Dark Fluid is a form of synthesized exotic matter liberated from the Illuminate following the First Galactic War. In a scientific breakthrough, our scientists have used it to engineer a solution to the Terminid Supercolony on Meridia. The first phase of this operation is to secure a route to Meridia, and hold the staging ground until sufficient quantities of Dark Fluid can be weaponized and deployed. This is the priority: all other territorial losses are acceptable to ensure the success of this operation.
Overview Forge a path to Meridia in order to pave the way for its salvation. Designated planets must be under Super Earth control when order expires: Fenrir III, Angel's Venture, Turing.
Events STRATEGIC GUIDANCE - The Terminids are attacking Heeth. If they succeed, the valuable, newly-constructed SEAF Training Facility on the planet will be destroyed, which will significantly decrease the capability of the SEAF to aid in galactic defense. Super Earth High Command recommends prioritizing the defense of Heeth

STRATEGIC UPDATE - Enemy aggression on both fronts remains unrelenting. In particular, the Supercolony on Meridia is fueling an unprecedented surge in Terminid infestation rates. The Automatons grow in power as well, continuing their unjust invasion. Our analysts are certain that nothing could have forestalled this dire situation, save perhaps the timely employment of MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines. Scientists on Moradesh are making progress on a way to combat the Supercolony. That will be Liberty's salvation. Until then, the Helldivers must hold the line at all costs.

HEETH DEFENDED - Thanks to the selfless valour of the Helldivers, the citizens of Heeth are safe from the Terminid Menace.

EMERGENCY ALERT - Spore production on the Meridian Supercolony has risen to critical levels. Planets in the viscinity of the Supercolony are under imminenent threat of infestation. Emergency evacuation orders have been issued. All Helldivers are called to address this critical situation

Outcome SUCCESS. The path to the Terminid Supercolony on Meridia is clear. Weaponized payloads of Dark Fluid have been constructed and deployed across the Super Destroyer Fleet
Operation "Enduring Peace" - Phase II
Faction Terminid icon.png Terminids
Reward Medal.svg 55 Medals
Briefing The time has come to eradicate the Terminid Supercolony completely. The Helldivers will deploy to the surface of Meridia to deploy partial payloads of Dark Fluid across the planet. Once a critical mass is reached, the Dark Fluid will accrete into a superdense mass, triggering total planetary implosion. The Supercolony, and its hyper-reproductive Terminids, will be destroyed. Speed is critical. Technicians at the Moradesh Research Facility are working nonstop to convert raw Dark Fluid into weaponized payloads for this operation. This high output cannot be maintained for long, even with safety and sleep protocols optimized for productivity. The destruction of an entire planet is an irreversible action—one that all Super Earth citizens know is a terrible tragedy. But the tyrannical actions of the Terminids have left us no alternative. This is it, Helldivers. The fate of the galaxy is in your hands.
Overview Deploy to Meridia and use the experimental Dark Fluid to destroy the Terminid Supercolony. Destroy Meridia.
Events ARSENAL AUGMENTATION - Patriotic citizens have organized to support the destruction of Meridia by making homemade napalm. Thanks to this grassroots effort, Napalm Eagle Strikes will augment all loadouts until Operation Enduring Peace concludes.

STRATEGIC UPDATE - The assault on the Supercolony appears to have spurred an increase in Terminid outbreaks on other planets. Scientists have likened this response to a kicked hornet's nest, from the beloved childhood pastime. High command advises Helldivers to maintain focus on the Supercolony: this may be our only chance to destroy it.

STRATEGIC UPDATE - We have detected a decrease in Terminid spawning on the Supercolony. Moradesh scientists have identified this as evidence of early Dark Fluid accretion stages: micro-bubbles have begun to form beneath the planet's crust, disrupting Terminid hives. Tectonic integrity has begun to decrease. The future of Liberty teeters at the abyss. These are the critical hours. One final push is all that remains.

Dispatches TECTONIC DRILL UPGRADES - The Ministry of Science has rapidly engineered upgrades to the Tectonic Drill used to deploy Dark Fluid on Meridia. The upgraded drills will propagate ultrasonic frequencies through the ground, preventing Terminid breaches in its immediate vicinity.
Outcome SUCCESS. The Supercolony has been destroyed. In its place, a beautiful black hole remains, drawing in every Terminid spore within several billion kilometers. Interstellar spore levels have already sharply decreased in every system. The destruction of Meridia came not a moment too soon. While the Terminids continue their rampant spread across the galaxy, without the accelerating effect of the Supercolony, containment is now once again possible. The Moradesh Research Facility has been decommissioned following the total exhaustion of all Dark Fluid stores. The tireless scientists who contributed to the "Moradesh Project" have been awarded the Super Citizenship Medal of Freedom. The front against the Terminids has stabilized, but the war is far from over. We must continue the fight to contain the Terminids, and redirect our efforts to finally reclaim the territory stolen by the Automatons. Congratulations is in order. The Helldivers won a historic victory for Managed Democracy today.
Notes Has event-exclusive mission: Deploy Dark Fluid. Meridia was turned into a Black Hole after Major Order completion.

June 2024

June 2024
Clear Post-Supercolony Infestations
Faction Terminid icon.png Terminids
Reward Medal.svg 45 Medals
Briefing With the Supercolony destroyed, it is now finally possible to clear out the spreading Terminid infestation. Since the Terminids corrupted the perfectly-designed Terminid Control System, they have infected world after world with their tyranny, forcing colonists to evacuate their homesteads. Now the time has come to reclaim the lost dreams of our hardworking citizens. Though we no longer have the aid of the TCS to hold the Terminids at bay, the new influx of SEAF recruits from the recent mobilization will allow the containment of the Terminids through conventional means. Meanwhile, Super Earth's greatest chemists are hard at work on an improved, even-more-perfectly-designed Termicide 2.0. Our citizens clamor for the opportunity to stake their claim and pursue their dreams upon the worlds stolen from them by the Terminids.
Overview Clear out the Terminid infestation to make room for our citizens to re-settle their stolen lands. Liberate the designated planets. Erata Prime, Turing, Acamar IV, Phact Bay
Events STRATEGIC GUIDANCE - The Automatons are attacking Aesir Pass, the site of a newly-constructed SEAF Training Facility. If the planet falls, the capability of the SEAF to replenish their forces and thereby aid in galactic defense will be significantly impacted. Therefore, Super Earth High Command recommends prioritizing the defense of Aesir Pass.

STRATEGIC UPDATE - Aesir Pass has fallen to the Automatons, and its SEAF Training Facilities have been destroyed. SEAF defense efforts have been weakened further.

Outcome SUCCESS. The Terminid infestation has been cleansed from many worlds, undoing much of the crisis forced upon our citizens by the Terminids' horrific Supercolony. They still infest much of the territory outside the Quarantine Zone, and spore levels are still far higher than they were pre-Supercolony, but with this victory, our citizens can begin resettlement of the homes they were forced to abandon.
Capture Database One
Faction Automaton icon.png Automatons
Reward Medal.svg 40 Medals
Briefing While the Supercolony diverted our attention, the Automaton Legion has continued to spread their oppressive regime. Unhindered, they have ruthlessly colonized and exploited the resources of planet after planet, single-mindedly focused on increasing their military might. Furthermore, many gaps remain in our military intelligence regarding the Automatons. The originating location of the Invasion Fleet is yet unknown. The Automatons' focus on Cyberstan remains unexplained, save for wild speculation. As for the Automatons' ultimate objective—that could not be more clear. It is the utter destruction of our way of life. Their rigid programming cannot tolerate our unbridled Freedom. However, our analysts have identified a large Automaton Data Center, codenamed Database One, deep within Automaton territory. It is protected by exceptionally robust encryption protocols. Whatever data is stored there, much effort has been expended to keep it hidden. The Helldivers are ordered to liberate the planet, capturing Database One and allowing manual extraction of the data. With the Supercolony finally destroyed, the end of the Automatons' illegal occupation is within our grasp. Our valiant resistance begins today.
Overview Our analysts have identified a large Automaton Data Center, codenamed Database One, deep within Automaton territory. It likely contains highly sensitive data. Liberate the planet to secure the critical intel held there. Liberate the designated planet. Wasat
Events STRATEGIC GUIDANCE - Super Earth High Command advises all Helldivers that the shortest path to liberating Wasat, the target of the current Major Order, is through the following systems: Wezen, then Vega Bay, then finally Wasat itself.

High Command offers this guidance in order to conserve Helldivers' critical decision-making effort, for use on the battlefield itself.

Outcome SUCCESS. Database One has been captured, and its encryption breached by intrepid SEAF Cyberwarfare Specialists. The vast trove of information will take months to fully parse, but key intel has already been discovered. The Automatons appear to be planning some sort of massive terraforming project on Cyberstan itself. Other decoded data includes detailed recordings of the impact of the Terminid Supercolony. Other keywords are referenced numerous times throughout the data trove, without additional details: Vessel 00, Nucleus, The Final Collective, and others. As our analysts continue to decode the vast database, new intel may be gleaned that will aid in our resistance. For now, our strategic objective is confirmed. On the Automaton front, Cyberstan is once again our target.
Rescue Children or Explosives
Faction Automaton icon.png Automatons
Reward Medal.svg 45 Medals
Briefing High Command has received two urgent requests for aid on planets that recently fell to the Automaton occupation: An emergency distress call from Vernen Wells describes thousands of civilian survivors trapped in the remains of Super Citizen Anne's Hospital for Very Sick Children. Food and water supplies are dwindling. Their survival even this long, after the fall of the SEAF Recruitment Facility on Vernen Wells, is remarkable. Meanwhile, however, intercepted Automaton communications have identified a large explosives repository on Marfark. Intel assesses with high confidence that these explosives came from Choohe, stolen during the initial Automaton Invasion. These stores are very likely to contain the critical raw ingredients necessary to finally deploy MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines. Time is not on our side. Only the first planet liberated is likely to be saved. The Helldivers are trusted to determine which course of action—rescuing the children of the AT Mines—will ultimately save the most Freedom.
Overview Two urgent rescue missions face us at once: Survivors in a children's hospital are trapped on Vernen Wells, and explosives critical for MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines are trapped on Marfark. Only the citizens or weaponry on the first planet is likely to be saved. Liberate the designated planets. Marfark, Vernen Wells
Dispatches STRATEGIC REPORT - Vernen Wells has been liberated. SEAF forces have secured the Children's Hospital, and made contact with the civilians trapped underneath the rubble. The majority of the thousands of trapped civilians—including all 4,311 very sick children—are alive. Rescue operations are underway. Long-range imagery shows heavy Automaton transport activity on Marfark. The Anti-Tank Mine material has likely been moved far out of reach.

INTEL REPORT - The Automatons appear to have become aware of our efforts to liberate the Anti-Tank Mine materials on Marfark, and have initiated operations to transport the material off-planet. Within 24 hours, it will be too late to secure the materials. Workers at AT Mine Factories have been notified that their employment may be terminated.

Outcome FAILURE. The Helldivers succeeded in liberating Vernen Wells in time to save the civilians trapped within. Already, the very sick children are en route to Super Citizen Mary's Hospital for Tragically Ill Youths, where they will receive the best care the Federation has to offer. Their daring rescue has captured the spirits of all of Super Earth's citizens. A crowdsourced fund will pay for the remainder of their care and their military academy training. The children, in an inspiring act of patriotic gratitude, have all signed MOD Form 11 "Intent to Enlist.". Once grown, they will join the ranks of SEAF and carry the torch of heroic valor that saved their lives. Marfark remains in Automaton hands. The bots have moved the explosives cache deeper within their territory. MD-17 Anti-Tank Mine factories have been shuttered for the time being, following multiple successive material shortfalls. The adult and pre-adult workers in those factories have been reassigned to other gainful and safe employment.
Notes Offered players a choice for each planet: a reward of MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines or nothing. The Helldivers chose to liberate Vernen Wells first, giving up their third chance at the Anti-Tank Mines. As a result of the players' decision, Arrowhead Game Studios made a $4,311 donation to the Save the Children charity.[1]
Hive Break Terminid Nurseries
Faction Terminid icon.png Terminids
Reward Medal.svg 55 Medals
Briefing Terminid population levels remain at unmanageable levels. Containment has demanded a steep, constant expenditure of soldiers and munitions. The Terminids must be flushed out from the Mirin and Draco sectors, securing those planets for our citizens and reducing the population to a manageable size and footprint. A new Hive Breaker Drill, repurposed from the Tectonic Drill used to destroy the Supercolony, has been developed as a more effective tool for fully eradicating Terminid Swarms. Now, the Helldivers can eradicate millions of Terminid larvae in their subterranean nurseries, before they are able to grow into ravenous, tyranny-spreading monstrosities. Deploy to the Terminid-infested planets and eradicate their juvenile vermin with quality, Super Earth-built nuclear devices.
Overview Reduce the Terminid population and clear planets for citizen settlement, utilizing the new Hive Breaker Drill to cleanse their nurseries. Liberate the designated planets. Hellmire, Nivel 43, Estanu, Crimsica, Fori Prime.
Events INTEL REPORT - Abnormally high levels of interstellar spore emissions have been observed from the Terminid planets currently being liberated. Scientists assess this dispersal may be a survival adaptation in response to the destruction of their nurseries. It is unlikely to cause any long-term problems. Helldivers are advised to continue the operation with unaltered aggression.

STRATEGIC UPDATE - In order to assist with the liberation of Hellmire from the Terminid swarm the addition of the FLAM-40 Flamethrower Support weapon to all loadouts has been authorized for the next 24 hours.

Outcome SUCCESS. The Helldivers have successfully achieved a significant reduction in Terminid population levels, proving the efficacy of targeting Terminid Nurseries directly. Many once-infested planets are now ready for our citizens to settle. This is the first step towards Terminid containment and the long-lasting prosperity it will bring our citizens.
Notes Introduced new mission type: Nuke Nursery.
Defend the Xzar Sector
Faction Automaton icon.png Automatons
Reward Medal.svg 45 Medals
Briefing The Automatons have been making incursions into the Xzar Sector, invading the same territory we liberated from their initial vanguard. If successful, they could re-activate their defunct factories and defile the Memorial of Malevelon Creek. Whatever their aims, they must be stopped.
Overview The Automatons are attempting to reclaim the territory held by their initial Vanguard. They must be stopped. Designated planets must be under Super Earth control when order expires. Mort, Ingmar, Pöpli IX, Mantes, Draupnir.
Outcome ONGOING.

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