Communications Device

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Communications Device can be found at the Graves Minor Places of Interest.


Here's a list of possible transcripts found when interacting with a Communications Device:

  • "Eulogy Template---Soldier, variation 004: [Rank] [Name] joined the service at [age]. They served [noble adverb] and perished heroically while fighting [enemy]. We will never forget their [unique trait]."
  • "Eulogy Template---Soldier, Exemplary Service 121: The heroism of [Rank] [Name] cannot be understated. They did not lose their life in the defense of Super Earth. They gave it, willingly."
  • "Eulogy Template---Soldier, friendly fire variation 016: [Name] devoted many hours to the prosperity of Super Earth. They may rest easy in the knowledge that the [bullets/shrapnel/concussive force] that took their life was Democratic in origin and fired in the service of Liberty."
  • "Note to Grave Preparation Specialist: due to high hostile activity in the area, graves may be required to accommodate more personnel than usual."