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During combat on enemy territory it is possible to find and retrieve samples, which are randomly scattered around the map and appear more frequently during missions of higher difficulty. These samples are of scientific value to Helldiver Command and players are rewarded for their retrieval—every ten samples collected will grant a single Research Point which players can then spend in the armoury to upgrade their Helldivers 1:Weapons or Stratagems.

The fully-upgraded Humblebee UAV drone can detect samples and will pinpoint them on the player's mini-map. Investing in this Stratagem early on is therefore recommended to boost the speed at which gear can be upgraded.


The number of samples in a mission is roughly dependent on the difficulty of the selected mission. Retaliation strikes and enemy masters have no samples.

Difficulty Description Number of samples
1 Dive in the Park 4
2 Very Easy 5
3 Easy 7
4 Medium 8
5 Challenging 9
6 Very Challenging 11
7 Hard 12
8 Very Hard 14
9 Hard as Hell 15
10 Suicide Mission 17
11 Impossible 18
12 Helldive 20-23
13 An Exercise in Futility 20-23
14 The Definition of Insanity 20-23
15 The Inner Circle of Hell 20-23

Event Difficulty

Attack/defend events spawn additional 1, 2 or even 3 extra samples per mission.[1]

Difficulty Description Number of samples
3 Easy 8
6 Very Challenging 13
9 Hard as Hell 17
12 Helldive 22-25
15 The Inner Circle of Hell 22-26

Points Limit

Research Points cannot be spent after upgrading everything in the armory, but will still accumulate, up to a maximum of 318 points.


  • After gaining an additional Research Point, the amount drops back to 316. It is possible to temporarily have 319 Research Points, but only through receiving one as a rank-up reward when you currently have 318 points, however, it will revert back to 316.
  • All Samples gathered during a mission are lost if it is failed or aborted, if the player drops out or if they exit to the main menu before the post-mission results screen appears.
  • Samples have 3 unique appearances all depending on enemy faction they are found on.


  1. Confirmed for Difficultys 12 and 9.