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"Icon of Requisition Slips" Requisition is a currency used in Helldivers 2 for purchasing Stratagems.


Requisition can be found on any difficulty in multiple different ways.

The following methods can be used to obtain Requisition:

  • Requisition slips can be found within various Minor Places of Interest inside Pods, Cargo Containers, and Bunkers
    • Every slip found will give all helldivers present Requisition Slip.svg 100 Requisition
  • Completing Primary and Optional Objectives will give a reward of Requisition
  • Extracting will give a set amount of requisition.
    • The time remaining when extraction is completed will give additional Requisition based on how long was left.
    • The difficulty of the mission will give a percentage bonus to the Requisition awarded.

Tactical Information

  • The maximum amount that any one Helldiver can have in their account is Requisition Slip.svg 50 000 Requisition.
    • Any Requisition earned beyond this number is discarded.


  • Requisition Slips look like futuristic clipboards