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The War mechanic needs to be altered so that all home-worlds are much easier to conquer. Otherwise players, like right now, will spend weeks only playing against the illuminate home-world; progress resetting every 48 hours. Shorter wars are better, especially for newer players. The mechanic as it exist and low player population is creating a toxic entry experience. Get the game designer to accept this, and you can increase sales and player numbers.

People are stuck at home right now and will be until June. Get more out of this asset.

CSS causing stutter + lag

I am new to; apologies if this is the wrong thread to bring up this issue.

There are two lines in the helldivers theme (the default theme), that are causing considerable amounts of stutter and lag (tested on chrome & Firefox, likely affects more.)

backdrop-filter: blur(10px); in classes .mw-footer and .mw-body. This is a very resource intensive function, instead we could perhaps used an already-blurred background, or forgo the effect altogether (or perhaps make helldivers not the default theme.)

It creates a barrier for new people that are looking to join or use the wiki, as this is the default theme.

I'm not sure how to edit the CSS, or if I am even able to, though I would appreciate it if this is fixed

Just want to test this out

Cause why not?