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The Resupply Stratagem allows Helldivers to call down a Hellpod with 4 Supply Boxes.

Stratagem Code

Helldivers must enter the following sequence in order to call down this Stratagem during a mission:
Arrow 1 D.pngArrow 1 D.pngArrow 4 U.pngArrow 3 R.png


The Resupply is a Mission provided Stratagem, available to all Helldivers regardless of rank. However, the strategem is 'shared' and Helldivers may only call in one Resupply Pod every 3 minutes.

Tactical Information

  • For more information about the Resupply Pod, see Supplies
  • Helldivers equipped with the B-1 Supply Pack, upon interacting with one Supply Box, refill their equipment and fill one slot of the Supply Pack at the same time, making this the most efficient use of the Resupply Pod.


  • There is an achievement associated with the killing of a Charger using a Resupply Pod