Dark Fluid Vessel

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The Dark Fluid Vessel Stratagem allows Helldivers to call down a Hellpod containing a Dark Fluid Vessel, which is a backpack containing Dark Fluid. It is event-exclusive, only available in the Deploy Dark Fluid mission. It is intended to be inserted into the Tectonic Drill to progress the mission.

While worn, it functions as a more powerful Jump Pack, with a far lower cooldown between jumps. It has 12 charges, though regains a charge whenever one is inserted into the drill.

The Dark Fluid Vessel can deal lethal damage to nearby enemies and allies with it’s initial jump, signified with an explosion accompanying that said jump.

It can be damaged, and if overused or damaged enough - will kill the wearer.


Call-in Time 10 seconds
Uses 12
Cooldown ? seconds


Change History



  • Added to the game.