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The best simulation is a real simulation!

— General Brasch

General Brasch is, according to own volition, “Super Earth’s oldest and most grizzled war hero”. He serves as the instructor for the Helldiver Training test, the “toughest test in the galaxy” where he guides new recruits - in voice if not in person - through the test that certifies them as ready for service as Helldivers. The Helldiver Training entails a rudimentary obstacle course, a live-fire crawling exercise, use of first-aid, a practice range with live Terminids, Stratagem deployment, terminal usage, and most importantly, flag saluting.

General Brasch can also be heard on the TV Broadcasts while walking around the Super Destroyer.

Voice Lines

Voice Lines for General Brasch in the Tutorial
Trigger Voice Line File
Entering the Facility "Atten-hut! I'm General Brash---Super Earth's oldest and most grizzled war hero, and I'm not easy to impress. Helldiver Training is the toughest test in the galaxy---but I can tell that doesn't scare you. Impressive! Now, enough jibjab! The upcoming obstacles will take everything your exceptional physique can muster. This is it. The real deal. Get to it, soldier!"
Complete the Helldiver Obstacle Course "In all my years, I've never witnessed such acrobatic perfection. I think you're ready for our highly realistic battlefield simulator. That's right---the real deal."
Move past the Gatling Sentries "Impeccable! Like I always say, the best simulation is a real simulation. Now, activate the battlefield injury simulator."
After activating the Battlefield Injury Simulator "Grit your teeth, soldier! Grab that STIM and patch yourself up!"
After Stimming yourself "There, good as new! Now, look sharp. You're about to encounter Democracy's sworn enemy, recruit."
After entering the Terminid area "There it is. A Terminid. The scourge of Liberty. Arm yourself and show that Bug the true meaning of Freedom."
After killing the Terminid "Deadeye precision! Now, use a grenade to close up that Bug Hole! Otherwise, they'll just keep comin'."
After destroying the artificial bug hole "What a catapult of an arm! Onto the next section!"
Standing at the Stratagem Range "Look up in the sky, recruit; that there is a Super Destroyer, and its all-powerful Stratagems are yours to command."
Standing at the Stratagem Range "Use a Stratagem now to take care of those bugs. Just make sure you take a few steps back."
After killing all Terminids at the Stratagem Range "Ah, the will of Democracy. Good work!"
After entering the next area "Next lesson: Helldivers fight in squads. Meet your new squadmate!"
After Helldiver Dummy introduces himself "What a fine soldier. Your brother-in-arms. A battle-forged bond that could never be replaced."
After the tragic KIA of the Heroic Helldiver Dummy "Until now! Here's your REAL lesson, solder: Squadmates can and will perish tragically all the time. Now use the Reinforcement stratagem to have another Helldiver take their place."
After using the Reinforce Stratagem '"'Well done, soldier. It takes uncommon resolve to move past the death of your ally with so little pause."
After moving to the weapon container "Load yourself up, recruit. This is the real deal. It's just you, the gun in your hands, and 2,000 megatons of explosives in close orbit. That's it!"
After loading the Liberator "Piece of advice: movin' around makes it hard to aim. For A-list accuracy, stand still while you shoot!"
After closing the artificial bug hole "Those unthinkin' bugs never stood a chance against a genius tactical mind like yourself. You are literally invincible!"
After entering the Support Stratagem Training Area "Hold up, recruit. It's finally time to call in the big guns. Use the support weapon stratagem to get yourself a real weapon."
After calling in the Machine Gun Stratagem '"'That's the stuff! Now, use a Resupply Stratagem to get yourself some more ammo!"
After calling in the Resupply Stratagem "Load up, soldier, because playtime's over. You've reached your final test. THIS---is the REAL DEAL. Get to it."
After proceeding to the final test area "This area is in dire need of liberation from the Terminid scourge. Activate the terminal!"
After successfully completing the terminal queries "I've never seen such flawless terminal activation. Now, somewhere around here is the flag of Super Earth. Find it and plant it where all can see its Democratic glory."
Picking up the flag of Super Earth "That's the flag of Super Earth, recruit! Plant it in the designated area."
After planting the flag "Make sure you show it the proper respect!"
After defeating all Terminids "Glorious work, recruit. Already you've advanced the cause of democracy farther than any soldier I've ever seen. You've proved your worth. You're ready to don your cape."
After entering the Graduation Chamber "Step up to the platform, recruit. You've earned it."
After interacting with the cape "Now THERE'S a Helldiver. You remind me of a younger me---fearless, invulnerable, and 7 feet tall."
After leaving the Graduation Chamber "You're finally ready for the realest deal of 'em all: The Galactic War. Liberty. Democracy. Justice. They're in your hands now. General Brash, over and out."
Voice lInes for General Brasch in the Brash Tactics
Voice Line File


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