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Squad-mates can and will perish tragically all the time.

— General Brasch

Stratagem Code

If a squadmate were to perish, Helldivers can enter the following sequence to activate the Reinforcement Stratagem and receive backup.

Arrow 4 U.pngArrow 1 D.pngArrow 3 R.pngArrow 2 L.pngArrow 4 U.png


The Reinforcement is a standard-issue Stratagem, available to all Helldivers regardless of rank. However it is only active if a member of the squad has died and reinforcement tickets are not depleted.

Reinforcement Tickets

  • Reinforcements are limited to five tickets per player and mission, up to a maximum of 20 in a full squad.
  • If all squad members perish simultaneously but there are still tickets remaining, all players will reinforce simultaneously (up to available # of tickets).
  • Depleting the reinforcement tickets still allows limited reinforcements on a timer. If the entire squad perishes with no tickets remaining (including the regenerating one) and the main mission is not completed, the mission is aborted. Exceeding the mission timer will disable Reinforcement along with all other player-chosen Stratagems.

Tactical Information

  • Reinforcement pods can be steered by the reinforcing teammates and used as offensive weapons. This also works against heavily armored opponents including but not limited to Bile Titans, Chargers, Annihilator Tanks, and even structures such as Automaton Fabricators. Note that the reinforcement pod is necessarily limited to an area around the beacon that calls it, and that it squashes enemies & allies alike.
  • Similar to all other Stratagems, the Reinforcement Stratagem will also be disabled when close to stratagem jammers.
  • If the squad is split up it can be in the squad's interests to reinforce near the fallen comrade. This allows the reinforcer to valiantly and dutifully rearm and gather any samples that were dropped by the expired teammate.

Change History




  • Fix for the reinforce stratagem not being present if a Helldiver leaves the session before readying up and then hot joining the active session.