Ground Stash

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The Ground Stash is a tiny structure, which can be found during missions. It is noticeable from a distance due to a light shining across it. The light comes either from above or inside the stash.

Minor Place of Interest

The Ground Stash may be found as a Minor Place of Interest. It may have a Lore Interactable called "Hastily Written Note" depending on the variation.

Ground Stash Variations
Variation Image Contents
Stims + Grenades + Weapon Ground Stash POI Stim Grenade Weapon.png
Grenades + Ammo + Weapon
  • 2 Grenade Cases
  • 1 Ammo Box
  • 1 Support Weapon
Ammo + Weapon Ground Stash POI Ammo Weapon.png
Ammo Ground Stash POI Ammo.png
Empty + Corpse Ground Stash POI Corpse.png
Empty Ground Stash POI Empty.png