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Minor Place of Interest (also known as POI) are minor locations scattered around Helldivers 2 maps. They can contain various items for players to collect, with the amount that can scavenged varying with difficulty.

Locations and Icons

Minor Place of Interests can be found in multiple ways:

  • When looking in the direction and being within a certain distance of one, a question mark icon appears on the compass. The exact distance depends on the size of the map:
    • Trivial size: 75m
    • Medium size: 250m
  • On the minimap, hovering over places with the cursor. This method can be unreliable.
  • Completing the Radar Station side objective (highlights all POIs on the map).

When found, the icons of Minor Place of Interests will change on the minimap if it was sufficiently looted:

On Challenging Difficulty Icon.pngChallenging and above, enemies can be present at most Minor Place of Interests. On Suicide Difficulty Icon.pngSuicide Mission and above, enemies can occupy them, along with their appearances changing, such as adding structures like Barbed Wire or Cannon Turrets.

Amounts of Minor Place of Interest per Difficulty:

Special Loot

Special Loot Cargo Container Open.jpg

Most Minor Place of Interests feature a special loot vessel. A Pod has space for 1, a Cargo Container has space for 2, and a Bunker has space for 3 with possible additional Supplies inside.

Special Loot may be one of the following:

An undocumented Rare Sample is a sample that doesn't count towards the sample limit counter located on the top right corner during a mission.

The Pod can be opened by saluting it, the Container can be shot with certain weapons and explosives, and the Bunker requires 2 Helldivers to open: Current list of Weapons that can open the Container:


Resupply Stratagem Icon.png
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There are various types of Minor Place of Interests.

Minor Place of Interest
Type Image Variation Special Loot Container Supplies Looted when Lore Interactables Notes
Damaged Hellbomb PoI Hellbomb Charger.png Charger (Terminid planets only) No * 0-1 Support Weapon Words Scribbled on Bomb May detonate Hellbomb with any damage
Damaged Hellbomb Helldiver No * 0-1 Support Weapon Words Scribbled on Bomb
Graves PoI Graves Automaton.png N/A No * 0-1 Ammo Boxes
* 0-1 Common Sample
Communications Device
Ground Stash Ground Stash POI Empty.png Empty No Nothing Hastily Written Note
Ground Stash Ground Stash POI Corpse.png Empty + Corpse No Nothing Hastily Written Note
Ground Stash Stim + Grenades + Weapon No * 2 Stim Crates
* 1 Grenade Case
* 1 Support Weapon
Ground Stash Ammo + Weapon No * 4 Ammo Boxes
* 1 Support Weapon
Ground Stash Ammo No * 4 Ammo Boxes
Silvery Rock PoI Silvery Rock.png
L Shaped House L Shaped House PoI.png
Elevated House Elevated House POI.png
Destroyed House Destroyed House POI Pod Open.png
Greenhouse Greenhouse POI.png
Corn Farm Corn Farm POI Pod.jpg
Crashed Ship Crashed Ship PoI.png
Bunker Bunker POI belowGround1.png
Underground Cache Underground Cache POI.png
Valley Valley POI.jpg
Two Houses